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Follow up to “My eBooks Suck”

First, I think a number of people misunderstood my last newsletter. So to clarify,

  • I'm not going out of business,
  • Nor will I stop writing books. (I couldn't if I wanted to. A labor of love is exactly that. I'd do it for free if I could.)

I was only considering not publishing digital books any longer.

You spoke, I listened. How about a compromise?

  1. First, I wanted to thank everyone who wrote in to me, both publicly and privately. Not only was it good hearing from you, but you also provided valuable feedback for me to evaluate my products with. I couldn't have done it without you. So again, thank you. I appreciate it.
  2. How about I publish MY BOOKS as paperbacks, and have the bonus material ONLY as a .pdf?
  3. That way, you still get instant information in .pdf format, but it also keeps my copyright secure.

I also wanted to share some of the feedback I received, since the comments didn't work in the beginning. Here are a few I received.

"Do not let the little people get you down.The people that whine to you are the same type who call Microsoft and complain because their cup holders, CD/DVD tray, has quit working. They are also the same people who want to give a copy to all their family and friends. Keep up the good work."


David, don't give up!!!! You've done an excellent job over the years promoting algae.  If people don't want to deal with the security that's their problem. Just let them know upfront that's a condition to buy. Hang in there! Maybe one day you can come down to Brazil and consult for me on a project here."

"I hope this is a publicity stunt because I didn't win crap! I ordered an ebook from you before and planned to order that $299 bundle next month.   I'm sorry for the any problems you may have encountered. You're position is totally justified and I'm sorry it didn't workout.  I don't think people realize the amount of  stress you're under with constant complaints of a bad product or accusations of you stealing their money can do to a person. I don't think a vast majority meant any harm (some did). The good news is you're stress free.  The bad news is my stress just went up.  I hope you change your mind or somehow make this available privately because I need the books!

 P.S. – You already know this. I've searched the web and you're the only one putting out great detailed information."


I am very truly sorry that you are leaving the business and like you it has been my experience that people in general are just damn lazy. I have all of your book samples and I was hoping to be able to start buying the e-books at some point. I also wanted to say that it is because of you that I am going to school and I want to work in alternative fuels as a business owner. With you leaving the business that will make it that much harder to get the books. When or if I am able to start my business I want to work in both Algae and Hydrogen I can thank you for that much. Again I am really sorry to see you leave the business."


"Just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed your books and your wit and your passion for several years.. You are a good man Charlie Brown.. keep up the good work.. the peanut gallery will always be there.. let them talk.. who cares..Maybe you are on the verge of some really great break through.. just had to move on from here..Let it shift.. all will be good."


"Generally. . . I agree E-books ( can suck ! ) are barely OK . . . And you can't curl up in bed with them and read . . . easily ) so I have read only bits and pieces of your algae books so far . . . technically you seem very convincing. Tell me more."


399px-Baby_yellingDid I get any negative emails? Yep, I got one. (A slow week…this one is pretty benign compared to some)

 (Drum roll please) And now for…

"The Email of the Week"

"I requested a long time ago sell it on cd you never did you lost. still tells me you are a fake."

(Actually, I did try selling it on CD, no one bought them. You snooze, you lose. )

Actually, this is kind of fun. Maybe I'll do an "Email of the Week" section in these newsletters when I receive them. I get some doozies.

OK, on to other business…

So here's this week's question: We are down to 2 choices

1.) Sell the main book as a paperback and having the bonus material in .pdf? 

2.) Keep things as they are and ignore the whiners and complainers.

Leave your comments below.

Algae Ethanol: Algenol Realizes 9,000 Gallons Per Acre

algae ethanolAlgae innovator Algenol currently at 50% over initial production goal – seeks to finish trial in 2013, and head for commercial-scale in 2014.

In Florida, Algenol proved that the organization had realized output levels 9,000 gallons of algae ethanol per acre annually – and business CEO Paul Woods said that ” I fully expect our talented scientific team to achieve sustained production rates above 10,000 by the end of this year.”

Only last September, in the beginning plenary session at the Algae Biomass Summit, Woods said that the organization, at its 4-acre, outdoor Process Development Unit in Lee County, Florida, had reached constant output of algae ethanol at the 7,000 gallon per acre rate.

That it was a large improvement over the company’s initial goal of 6,000 gpa, and had been obtained in open-air operation within typical working circumstances.

With the news, Woods verified that the business, right after finishing main engineering tasks at their built-in pilot scale biorefinery in 2012, has entirely changed focus to exhibiting the commercial practicality of Direct to Ethanol engineering at its pilot facility and determining sites for professional initiatives to start in 2014.

Woods added, “Our patented ‘Direct to Ethanol’ technology enables the production of algae ethanol for around $1.00 per gallon using sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater. The low production costs are achievable because ‘Direct to Ethanol’ technology produces high yields and relies on our patented photobioreactors and proprietary downstream techniques for the low-cost recovery and purification of ethanol.

“One ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted into 160 gallons of ethanol, and 2 gallons of fresh water are produced for each gallon of ethanol in the ‘Direct to Ethanol’ process.

While preserving a principal focus on ethanol manufacturing, Woods revealed that Algenol had broadened its product profile to incorporate diesel and jet fuel from waste algae.  ”Algae Ethanol will be our main commercial product and jet and diesel will be integrated into our process over the next 2 years. We also continue to monitor opportunities to adapt our algae-based platform technology to produce valuable chemicals, such as propylene-based chemicals.”

The reports from Florida was the initial significant development in the Algenol story since last October, when it was disclosed that Reliance Industries Limited, the Indian petroleum, chemicals, telecom and manufacturing conglomerate, had put in a total of $116 million (Rs6.2 billion) in the algae space – with $93.5 million (Rs5.0 billion) heading to Algenol and 22.5 million (Rs1.2 billion) to Aurora Algae.

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The Algae Revolution Has Begun