How To Quickly and Easily Build An Algae Bioreactor and Start Growing Algae Immediately Anytime, Anywhere, For Biofuels, Animal Feed, Or Organic Fertilizer...
Without Spending a Fortune.

I'll Show You Step-By-Illustrated- Step How To Build Algae Bioreactors That Work!

Algae is One Of the Most Powerful Breakthroughs of the 21st. Century. When You Build Algae Bioreactors You Can "Grow Your Own..."

  • Bio Gasoline
  • Biodiesel
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Animal feed
  • "Super Foods" (Spirulina and Chlorella)
  • Health Food Supplements
  • And much more..(science is only beginning to scratch the surface of this amazing organism.)

Who Would Benefit From This Book?

algae bioreactors



Bio fuel researchers

Organic gardeners

Health food enthusiasts







We plan to work on closed atmosphere to get maximum yield of best quality algae. We are getting good information from you.

Ashutosh Pandey,
Bhopal, India
Algae Biodiesel Table of Contents
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Why Should You Invest in This Report?

  • Written for the layman, or non-technical person.
  • The report highlights different, inexpensive methods of building algae bioreactors having a focus on bio fuels and bio-energy.
  • It provides extensive details on every aspect of building Algal bio reactors
  • It presents numerous examples of what the pioneers in the field are doing in the algae energy domain.
  • It showcases methods of building low-cost bioreactors at home.
  • It highlights ways to build commercial bioreactors economically.
  • It lists places to buy materials and parts,
  • It provides current and future research areas in algae energy domain.
  • It provides extensive knowledge on commercial patented, bioreactors...what works, and what doesn't.
  • It provides commercial research, enabling students, teachers, and researchers to quickly and easily get up to speed.
  • It provides details for alternative algae products not just biodiesel - from algae.

Hi David,

Yes it does make sense and is very clear. I am a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering specialized in chemical and biochemical reactors, I have over 400 papers, 4 patents and 4 books...I like your simple books to the ordinary person
Prof.Dr.Said Elnashaie
New Mexico Tech. University,

Partial Table of Contents

algae photobioreactor
  • A simple algae bio reactor that cost less than $35, and an hour to build and you can use immediately start growing algae. The best part is, do this correctly and you'll never need to buy another algae culture again! (Page 25)
  • The best place to buy algae cultures, cheaply and inexpensively. (Page 21)
  • A test bio reactor that allows you to test 10 different strains, or 10 different variables at once. This one unit can save you YEARS of trial and error (Page 38)
  • The "Algae Bio reactor Diary" Step-by-step instructions on how to get your PBR up and going. What to do and when to do it! (Page 82)
  • How to build tubular Photobioreactors like the ones you see in the press releases for less than $150! (Page 93)
  • How to DOUBLE THE CAPACITY of a tubular algae bio reactor for a fraction of the cost. (PAGE 130)
  • How to build a "Fence" type bio reactor that goes for tens of $1000's of dollars but you'll build it less than $200. (Page 161)
  • How to build a 80 gallon home system for less than $225 dollars. (Page 196)
  • sHow to build 150 gallon algae bioreactor More than enough to satisfy most algae requirements. (Page 227)
  • Plus, lots more

All The Algae Bioreactors In This Book Are Scalable...They Can Be Built in Any Size...
algae garage bioreactors
  • They can be scaled to just about any volume or budget
  • You can make them easily, from materials at hand.
  • You'll be able to build them using basic hand tools.
  • They are inexpensive to reproduce.
  • All are functional, work, and perform the job they are built for.

In short, they are the real deal.

Ghana is the star of all African Countries and in fact the first to be visited by President Obama during his first historic visit to Africa. We have struck oil but I know that our future lies in the cheapest environmentally sustainable source of biodiesel and algae stands out as the best. The bioreactor will be the pilot project as a sequel to a commercial production source, the first of its kind in Africa.

I am now 61 yrs old and an environmental economist with over 36 years experience since graduating in 1974 as an agricultural economist. My desire is to promote environmentally sound and sustainable technologies for the production of clean energy. To my utmost conviction, algae is the most environmentally appropriate and most economic source for the production of biodiesel and oils compared to all other sources be it fossil, agricultural or other environmental endowments – a solution to the world’s quest for sustainable and clean energy production.

Edward Karkari
Accra, Ghana

alga test bioreactor

The best part is, you can build algae bioreactors yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Advantages Of Building Your Own Algae Bioreactors Are:

  • You can build an algae bioreactors easily built using readily available parts.
  • They are easy to take apart and clean.
  • They can be built with normal household tools.
  • You can build in as little as an afternoon.
  • You can maintain and repair them easily


Table of Contents

algae bio reactor
  • Overview of algae and which strains you can use for various products, including...
    • Algae biodiesel
    • Health food supplements
    • Cosmetics
    • Animal feed
    • Organic fertilizers
  • Where to buy the algae strains inexpensively.
  • Illustrated overview of the building process.
  • How to build a low cost incubator for less than $35
  • How to scale up your algal incubator
    • Detailed parts list with photographs
  • How to start your algae culture
  • How to build a test PBR
    • Design notes
    • Detailed parts list with color photos
    • Illustrated diagrams
  • The "PBR Diary"
    • Step-by-step instructions showing the PBR's in action.
    • Nutrients I used.
    • Light regimen
    • Algae strain
  • How to build a tubular photobioreactor.
  • algae bioreactor
    • Detailed parts list with color photos.
    • Step by step building instructions.
  • 20 gallon (75 liter) PBR
    • Design notes
    • Detailed parts list with color photos
    • Step by step building instructions.
  • Building a "Fence Type" Algae Bioreactors
    • Design notes
    • Detailed parts list with color photos.
    • Step by step building instructions
  • 80 gallon (302 liter) water bottle Algae Bioreactors
    • Design notes
    • Detailed parts list and color photos
    • Step by step building instructions
  • 150 gallon (567 liter) Vertical Algae Bioreactors
    • Design notes
    • Detailed parts list and color photos
    • Step by step building instructions
  • Resource lists (bonus)
  • Shopping lists (bonus)
  • Plus much more..
About the Author

In 1995, as one of the first Americans to reenter Vietnam after diplomatic relations were restored, David Sieg, while teaching at a university, started making biofuels, then later, algae biodiesel.

With the oil embargo still in effect, Mr. Sieg used his knowledge of biofuels to run the university generators to get lights and air conditioning. Seeing how many people could benefit, he later opened a algae bio fuels consulting business in Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2008, knowing the secretive nature of the algae biodiesel industry and the lack of real world info, he created to share his knowledge. Here you'll find real world applications, "How-To" knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Other sites might tell you WHAT to do, but none of them tell you HOW to do it. We do.


Building Algae PhotoBioreactors: What You’ll Get

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453 pages digital eBook

Full color

OP bonus1

5 extremely hard to find bonus books with over 180 pages of extra material in .pdf format for immediate reading


Resource lists, shopping lists, including equipment lists and cost breakdowns. Not to mention, tips and techniques on building algae bioreactor not found anywhere else.

What People are SayingAbout Making Biodiesel Books...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
algae guy1

"It will be our bible...

I have been an constant follower of your ideas, papers and designs and there is no doubt of your worldwide mastery about biofuels. I am a Colombian researcher dedicated to participate in the Colombian project for production of biodiesel from native microalgae…. It will be as our Bible on those topics really urgent and necessary for the future welfare of the humanity. Thanks in advance.

Oscar Medina

Director of the Chemistry Department

University of Technology of Columbia

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
algae girl

Nice layout, easy to read...

David, just read through your book on algal biodiesel. Nice layout, easy to read with emphasis on building from local materials and good optimism. We may use some of these ideas for our engineering senior design course this year on biofuels production. Thanks.

Terry H. Walker
Professor of Biosystems Engineering

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
algae guy2

"I learned more from your eBook than spending $6000...

“Dear David, I have learned more from your e-book than spending $6,000 going to the Algae World 2009 Conference in Rotterdam. Do you have the same manual for Jatropha? Many thanks,

Jim Riorden

Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation


Bonus Section, Time to Over Deliver!

One of a kind bonuses you won't find anywhere else

PBR patent bonus
The Photobioreactor Book of Patents

Ever wonder what the big boys are doing, and how they build their PBR's? I don't. I periodically check the online patent office. Now you don't have to because I did it for you. Cost: While this information is free online, if you wanted to buy if from a vendor, it would cost you $50 a month or more!


PBR diary bonus

The Bioreactor Diary

This show my actual results using the same PBR's I built for this eBook. You get what strains I used, where I got them, the nutrient used, the light regimen, and full color photographs showing rates of algae growth. Cost: PRICELESS: No one else is sharing this knowledge!


PBR resource list

The Online Resource List

This "Quick Guide" shows you where to go online to buy every part/resource necessary for building PBR's. (Including every place overseas you can buy algal cultures!) Especially useful for overseas buyers and/or people living in places where they don't have access to resources we have in the USA. Cost: PRICELESS time saver if you're living overseas and have to shop by internet or deal with customs/importing issues.


PBR shopping list bonus

The Shopping List

For every PBR presented, This bonus has a shopping list, including number of units to buy, where to buy them, parts number, and price. Including handy "check off's" so you know exactly what you've bought. This makes shopping for parts and components a breeze! Cost: PRICELESS if your time is worth anything. This cures the problem of the time, trouble, and aggravation of not buying the right parts, not enough parts, or the wrong parts.


PBR shopping list bonus

Free Updates

This book isn't finished. And until I finish it or get it to where I'm happy with it, early buyers will receive free updates. Ask anyone who has bought my previous material...knows my word is good. I sent out free updates on my Algae biodiesel book for more than a year. More is coming...including:

  • The "Closet Bioreactor": Build a unit right into a closet, or any unused space.
  • Low Cost Harvesting Techniques. Simple, inexpensive harvesting methods NO ONE is telling you about.
  • Adding CO2: Accelerate your algae growth with CO2.
  • Home methods of producing CO2
  • LED light displays: (The newest technology in PBR lighting)
  • Adding power, automatic lighting, and controlling aeration: Hands free, automatic, operation, 24/7/365.
  • Adding Solar Energy: Why not add solar energy and get your lighting free?
  • Simple Harvesting, and Drying techniques:
  • And more.

Thank you so much for making the update available to those of us who bought your book. It means and says volumes. A customer who is now a fan. Thanks
Russ Hauck

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