Here's All The Information You Need To Start Making Money, Quickly and Easily, And Start An Algae Microfarm For Biofuels, Bio-Animal Feed, Or Bio Fertilizer...

How To Make Money With Algae Microfarms

In Algae Biorefineries and and Micro Farms, (Algae Microfarm, for short) we dive deep into the world of algae, it's products, it's co products, and more specifically how YOU can make money from the coming "Algae Revolution." Making algae biofuels is only scratching the surface of this remarkable organism.

If you're serious about making money with algae, then Algae Microfarms is for you.

Perhaps no other opportunity this century has offered the potential of algae-based products. Algae is a basic building block of life itself, therefore, many other products we know today spring from it. In this one-of-a-kind book, we explore the many products, and the many pathways to producing those products.

No other book on the market explores these issues, or details the methods and techniques involved in bringing this "super material" to market.

Once again, David Sieg has composed and excellent guide, whether for fuel, food, animal feed, fertilizer, or even cosmetics. He covers the range from home use to large-scale commercial systems, from a distributed and survival perspective; yet practical enough for modern implementation -- a hallmark of true sustainable principles.

We'll be consulting this guide in the Safe Haven Villages (.org) intention community I'm involved with. In a day when central authority is growing more tenuous, the ability to do things in a distributed model is growing increasingly vital; and it just makes more sense from a seventh-generation sustainability point of view, while still being profitable in today's economy.

In fact you might consider this as a career that will not only survive the downturn, but help you and many others make it through the worst of times to come; all while pioneering a future industry.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress,
Pure Energy Systems Network
Algae Biodiesel Table of Contents
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Why should you invest in this report?

  • Written for the layman, or non-technical person.
  • The report highlights different, inexpensive methods of building algae microfarms having a focus on bio fuels and bio-energy.
  • It provides extensive details on every aspect of building algae microfarms
  • It presents numerous examples of what the pioneers in the field are doing in the algae energy domain.
  • It showcases methods of building low-cost algae biorefineries.
  • It highlights ways to build commercial algae microfarms economically.
  • It provides current and future research areas in algae co products
  • It provides extensive knowledge on commercial algae microfarms...what works, and what doesn't.
  • It provides commercial research, enabling students, teachers, and researchers to quickly and easily get up to speed.
  • It provides details for alternative algae products not just biodiesel - from algae.

Hi David,

Yes it does make sense and is very clear. I am a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering specialized in chemical and biochemical reactors, I have over 400 papers, 4 patents and 4 books...I like your simple books to the ordinary person
Prof.Dr.Said Elnashaie
New Mexico Tech. University,

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Algae Microfarms (But Didn't Know Where To Ask...)

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Why Algae Microfarms now?

algae microfarms

The World is Ready for a Solution
Agricultural Land Availability Issues
Global Warming Issues
Energy Security
Potential Depletion of Fisheries
Why is Now the Time to Pursue Algae Biorefinery?
Consumer Interest:
Changes in Nature
Changes in Technology
Algae’s Competitive Advantages

algae biorefinieries

Chapter Two: The Basics of Micro Algae Farming and Biorefineries

algae to biofuels

A SWOT Analysis of Biorefineries
What is an algae microfarm?
Understanding the Biorefinery concept.
Algae Microfarms
An Algae Microfarm Case Study
A Biofuels Case Study
A Developing World Case Study
A Village Scale Case Study
A Government Scale Case study

algae microfarms

Chapter Three: Potential Challenges With Micro Algae Farms

Algae Biofuels Legal Aspects

Possible Issues with Independent Contractors.

When the technology belongs to you and you wish to sell or license it’s use.

Site Security

Environmental Issues

David really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to biodiesel. And his new book “Building Open Ponds” shows it... it’s 277 pages jam packed with tons of great information from growing algae in an old bathtub to large scale algae farms. Great details and pictures to make it as easy as pie even for the novice. David really goes the whole nine yards when he writes a book!

Bill Anderson
algae microfarms

How To Finance Your Project

algae microfarms

Some different types of financing

Kinds of Investors

Locating Equity Resources

Debt Funding

Loan Guarantees

Tax Incentives as well as other Tax Considerations

Government Grants and Incentives

Other Programs Available

Algae Microfarm Grants

Chapter Five: Planning

algae microfarms

Types of algae microfarm

Designing your Bio-refinery

Building a Bio-refinery

Site requirements for algal biorefinery

Co Location with Advantageous Partners

Integration with Water Treatment Facilities

Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Uses

Personnel Considerations

Necessary Algal Characteristics

Strain selection

Commercial Culture Labs and Collections

Natural Habitats

Disadvantages to Co-Location with Stationary Industrial CO2 Source

Algae production Costs and Uncertainties

Realistic Costs Associated with Biorefineries

Co location with CO2 emitting Sources


algae microfarms book

Chapter Six: Algae Products and Co-Products

Novel Uses of Algae

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Commercial Products from Microalgae and Cyanobacteria Algae Based Biofuel
Biogas or Biomethane
Bioelectricity Gasification Tar
Algae Coal
Challenges to Algae to Biofuel Commercialization
Feed stock Challenges
Conversion Challenges
Fuel Conversion:


algae bioconcrete

Algae Bio-Concrete

Infrastructure Challenges
Distribution and Utilization
Resources and Siting.
Algae-based products for human consumption
Algae as a Staple food
Algae and the Food Industry
Health foods and pharmaceuticals
Animal Feed Additive:
Omega-3 Oils
Pharmaceutical Uses of Algae
Algae Fertilizers
Other Specialty Products
Bio Concrete
Bio Plastics
Fine Chemicals
Low-value Coproducts
Commercial Products from Macroalgae.
Other macroalgal foods.
CO2 mitigation
Carbon sequestration
Carbon trading

algae microfarms book

Chapter Seven: Co-Product Recovery

algae microfarms

Potential Options for the Recovery of Co-products

Maximum Energy Recovery from the Lipid-Extracted Biomass,

Recovery of Protein for Use in Food and Feed

Technically feasible algal bioenergy co-production concepts

Economic viability of bioenergy co-production from algae


algae microfarms book

Chapter Eight: Algae Microfarm Production

algae to biofuel

Proof of Concept Introduction
Pilot Scale Introduction:
Production Scale Introduction:
Proof of Concept
Obtaining the algae strain you’re interested in.
Native Algae
Commercial Algae Strains
Maximizing Growth
Small scale harvesting
Pilot Scale
Open ponds
Closed Ponds
Photobioreactors (PBR) and Bioreactors
Production Scale
Open Ponds
Water Resources
Mixing Systems
Other Factors
Closed Ponds.
Filtration and Screening Devices
Pressure Filters
Vacuum Filters
Rotary vacuum filter
Micro Strainers
Magnetic Separation
Tubular centrifuge
Imperforate basket centrifuge
Flocculation or sedimentation
Flocculation and Dissolved Air Flotation
Other Harvesting Techniques
Rotary Dryers
Flash Drying
Spray Drying
Sun Drying
Summary of harvesting methods
Oil Extraction Technologies
Mechanical Disruption (i.e., Cell Rupture)
Mechanical Expulsion
Solvent Extraction
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Osmotic Shock
Sonication and/or Ultrasound
Organic and/or Chemical Co-solvent Mixtures
Subcritical Water Extraction
Challenges Associated with Production Scale
Avoiding contamination
Adding Co2
Constant inoculation
Stressing algae
The problem with yield extrapolation
Hydrocracking algae biofuels
GMO algae
The Ideal Algae for Biofuels

algae microfarms book

Chapter 9: Algae microfarm Resources, Equipment and Vendors:

algae culture

Buying the algae strain you’re interested in.

In North America
Czech Republic

Algae Biofuels Contractors and Equipment Vendors

algae yields in open ponds

Open Ponds
Pond Liners and pond equipment
Acrylic tubing for bioreactors
Plastic Tanks for PBRS
Plastic (PVC) pipe fittings
LED Lighting
Steel mesh filter cloth
Oil presses and extruders

algae microfarms

Chapter 10: Marketing Algae Products

algae health food

Marketing Algae Based Products.

Marketing to Corporations: Marketing to Consumers
Marketing Challenges of Algae Directly to Consumers
Algae, Junk food, and Beer
Algae based Junk Food (except it isn’t)
Algae based beer
Algae Cosmetics
Create your own product
Bringing a Food Product to Market
Developing and Marketing an Algae Cosmetic Product

algae microfarms

Chapter 11: Case Studies

Aurora Biofuels
Phycal, Inc.
Amyris Biofuels
Sapphire Energy
Solazyme, Inc.
Algae-Tec Limited
Algae Floating Systems, Inc.
Alpha To Omega Holdings
Algenol Biofuels Inc.
Solix BioSystems, Inc
Synthetic Genomics Inc
Dao Energy, LLC
Kai Bioenerg
Live Fuels, Inc.
Pond Biofuels, Inc.
Bioprocess Algae, LLC

Algae Microfarms: What You’ll Get

algae microfarms book

Over 400 pages, full color paperback for your library

11 chapters of jam-packed, no fluff, no BS info

Full Color

Perfect bound

OP bonus1

10 valuable bonus reports Instant download of bonus material.

1164 Pages of bonus material in .pdf format


One of the most comprehensive treatments of all aspects of a commercial algae microfarms available anywhere, including equipment lists and cost breakdowns.

About the Author

In 1995, as one of the first Americans to reenter Vietnam after diplomatic relations were restored, David Sieg, while teaching at a university, started making biofuels, then later, algae biodiesel.

With the oil embargo still in effect, Mr. Sieg used his knowledge of biofuels to run the university generators to get lights and air conditioning. Seeing how many people could benefit, he later opened a algae bio fuels consulting business in Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2008, knowing the secretive nature of the algae biodiesel industry and the lack of real world info, he created to share his knowledge. Here you'll find real world applications, "How-To" knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Other sites might tell you WHAT to do, but none of them tell you HOW to do it. We do.

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Bonus Section, Time to Over Deliver!

Bonus Material

1164 pages of in-depth Algae Microfarms Operations and Micro Farm Detail You’ve Come To Expect

bonus downloads

Algae Based Biofuels: Applications and Co Products (117 pages)

A comprehensive paper by the Environment and Natural Resource Group exploring the different applications and co products available using micro algae.

bonus download

Algae Biofuels Roadmap: (140 pages)

One of the most valuable reports published since the Aquatic Species Program and the detailed background of many of the concepts presented in the main book itself. This is a MUST-HAVE report that belongs on any serious algaepreneurs bookshelf.

A comprehensive paper by the Environment and Natural Resource Group exploring the different applications and co products available using micro algae.

masters thesis

New Developments in Micro Algae Farming for Food and Biofuels (44 pages)

A Harvard University document outlining the advantages and disadvantages which algae farmers will be faced with currently as well as in the future.

algae biodiesel feasibility study

Algae Biodiesel: A Feasibility Report (43 pages)

An in-depth report covering the feasibility, as well as the pitfalls of algae biodiesel production.

OP bonus1

Design and Analysis of “‘ Microalgal Open Pond Systems for the Purpose of Producing Fuels A Subcontractors Report (231 pages)

In-depth and to the point, this report covers it all.


A Realistic Technology and Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuel production (178 pages

In-depth and detailed, this report lays bear the bones of all aspects of engineering an algae biofuels facility. Including various options and techniques available.


Microalgae as a Source of Liquid Biofuels (229 pages)

By John Benemann, the “grandfather” of algae biofuels, and one of the founding members of NREL’s Aquatic Species Program. This report prepared for Enbio, Inc, is one of the most detailed, and through reports found anywhere

algae microfarms

Renewable Diesel from Algal Lipids: An Integrated Baseline for Cost, Emissions, and Resource Potential (89 pages)

From the NREL, this report was commissioned by the Dept. of Energy and provides a realistic baseline of costs associated with a micro algae project.

algae microfarms

Genetic Engineering of Algae for Biofuel Production (44 pages)

An extremely hard to find report. Many people have asked for this and now it’s yours.

algae microfarms

Production of Gasoline and Diesel from algae Biomass via Fast Pyrolysis, Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking (76 pages)

Another hard to find report outlining what it takes to create advanced fuels such as gasoline and jet fuels.

Everything is 100% Take-It-To-The-Bank Guaranteed


All the best to you and your family,

David Sieg

PS...In a world-wide climate of massive unemployment, “down-sizing,” “right-sizing,” and outsourcing, few opportunities exist today to create a lasting income that can serve your family for generations, help the global village, while at the same time, contribute to saving the environment. The Algae Revolution presents just such an opportunity. Can you afford to pass this opportunity up?

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