Algae Small Scale Farms

Algae for Small Scale FarmsAlgae small scale farms offer a real solution to America's farmers. It's no secret that America's family and small scale farms are disappearing fast. Mega-farms, corporate farms, high oil prices, high prices for fertilizer and animal feed, are all coming together to force many small scale farms out of business. Without family and small scale farms and ranches, this country is changed forever.  We're already witnessing what happens when multi-nationals get control of our oil supply. Do we really want a mega-corporations in charge of our food supply too?

Now lets imagine another scenario…

Imagine a farmer with the ability to create his own fuel. He can do this on his currently unusable land, or even in his barn. This same farmer, using the same machine could also produce his own fertilizer and animal feed as a by-product of this fuel production.

  • No more outrageous fuel prices grabbing him by the throat.
  • Those same fuel prices also force up the price of fertilizer. Cancel that order too.
  • Animal feed also uses those very same inputs. Nope. Don't need those anymore either.

Is the picture starting to look any brighter?

Imagine what a farmer could do inside a barn with a scaled PBR, or on non-arable land with an open pond. This also doesn’t take into account money saved on animal feed and/or fertilizers, especially for an organic urban farmer. Localized food production is also going to have to come to pass. Very soon petrol is going to be too expensive for coast to coast trucking. I've seen reliable business plans  in which a farmer could realize $6,000/acre "farming" algae.

Few people realize that small farmers here in Iowa consider themselves lucky to get $600/acre for corn. And THAT is prime cropland and a number of very expensive inputs. From that $600 he has to pay for fuel, fertilizer, water rights, and taxes.

He has to put everything he has on the table for 6-9 months and hope that nature smiles at the end of the season.

Algae small scale farms can offer  a real solution to forward thinking farmers.

The Algae Revolution Has Begun