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Photos and email from a client.

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To: David Sieg [mailto:*********.com]

Sent: 22 December 2009 06:36 PM

From: *******, *******

Subject: RE: Making Algae PhotoBioreactors at Home Purchase

Thanks Dave. I am making headway. I built a pilot raceway about 18 months ago to produce ethanol. Here are some pics.


(South Africa)

algae pond 1

This was a part of a small scale pilot, or “proof of concept” project in South Africa.

Algae pond with solar panels







algae pond 2


From opposite angle








overall plant2


Plant Overview





ethanol still

Algae Ethanol still









This project in Africa was to make biofuels as well as health food supplemts

Overall cultivation farm
















Dried algae on screen




IMG 22001

This is a 150 gallon bioreactor in my garage. From this small reactor, which cost less than $500 to build, I can make 10+ gallons of biofuel a week with continuous harvesting.