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algae biofuel newsPeople spend way too much time sifting through algae biofuel news, articles, reports, blog posts, tweets, ebooks, forum discussions, website content, online journals and countless other mediums trying to find the bit of information they really want.

Chances are you've probably done quite a bit of that yourself. If you've ever searched for something at Google only to spend the next 45 minutes clicking on link after link to finally discover some quality content among all the junk, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Most people would much rather have someone strap away all the junk and deliver to the only the hand-picked, choicest content.

Which would you rather do?

1) Visit 27 links, read through 40 pages of fluff and devote 2 hours of your time to find the "how to" article that really helps you?


2) Visit one site, read through a couple of hand-picked premium pieces of content and get that same information in 10 minutes?

Most people will go with option #2 every time.

That is what this page is all about. Sifting through flotsam on the internet to find the relevant, interesting, educational  and bring them to you.

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