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Here's How You Can Start An Algae Business and Start Growing Algae Immediately Anytime, Anywhere, For Biofuels, Animal Feed, Or Organic Fertilizer...
Without Paying a Fortune.

In a world-wide climate of massive unemployment, "down-sizing," "right-sizing," and outsourcing, few opportunities exist today to create a lasting income that can serve your family for generations, help the global village, while at the same time, contribute to saving the environment. An Algae business presents just such an opportunity.

Who Would Benefit From An Algae Business?

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  • Farmers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aquaculturists
  • Bio fuel researchers
  • Organic gardeners
  • Health food enthusiasts
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Survivalists
  • Preppers

Once again, David Sieg has composed and excellent guide, this time focusing on open ponds for growing algae, whether for fuel, food, animal feed, fertilizer, or even cosmetics. He covers the range from home use to large-scale commercial systems, from a distributed and survival perspective; yet practical enough for modern implementation -- a hallmark of true sustainable principles.

We'll be consulting this guide in the Safe Haven Villages (.org) intention community I'm involved with. In a day when central authority is growing more tenuous, the ability to do things in a distributed model is growing increasingly vital; and it just makes more sense from a seventh-generation sustainability point of view, while still being profitable in today's economy.

In fact you might consider this as a career that will not only survive the downturn, but help you and many others make it through the worst of times to come; all while pioneering a future industry.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress,
Pure Energy Systems Network
Algae Biodiesel Table of Contents
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Why should you invest in this report?

  • Written for the layman, or non-technical person.
  • The report highlights different, inexpensive methods of opening an algae business having a focus on bio fuels and bio-energy.
  • It provides extensive details on every aspect of an algae business
  • It presents numerous examples of what the pioneers in the field are doing in the algae business domain.
  • It showcases methods of building low-cost opening an algae business .
  • It highlights ways to build commercial algae business economically.
  • An entire section devoted to marketing algae products
  • It provides current and future research areas in the algae business domain.
  • It provides extensive knowledge on commercial algae business products...what is selling and what isn't.
  • It provides commercial research, enabling students, teachers, and researchers to quickly and easily get up to speed.
  • It provides details for alternative algae products not just biodiesel - from algae.
  • Fully researched and extensive bibliography

Dear Sir,

I am Parth, from India. I have read your book. I am very much influenced by reading your book, Algae For Enterpreneurs. I am interested in cultivating algae and for that I'm researching since last three years. Your book truly motivated me and it really worked like a support to me.

Parth Chaudhary

Partial Table of Contents

Complete Table Of Contents Here

Commercial Uses of Algae Overview

algae to biofuel

What Is Algae

Alga's Competitive Advantages

10 Algae business Predictions For The Future

Algae Biofuel Market overview

Advantages of Using Algae as Biofuels:


Microalgae Strains

Macroalgae (Seaweed)

Preferred Geographic Regions for Algae Production

Seasonal Considerations

Making Biofuels Using Algae

Algae Biofuels overview:

Algae Production Systems Currently in Use


Why Use a PBR?

PBR Advantages and Disadvantages

How to Use Bioreactors Successfully

Open pond systems

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Ponds

How to Use Open Ponds Successfully


I've read the first few hundred pages of the fourteen hundred page book. I cannot see why this method isn't being employed by every household in America. We could send the oil barons and sheiks back to the stone age and be free of terrorists inside a year by being free of foreign oil dependency.

I am gladdened by your honest business ethic and patience. Thanks so very much.

Bruce Schmelz

Overview of Algae Harvesting Technologies

algae microfarms

Flocculation and Sedimentation

Flocculation and Dissolved Air Flotation



Other Harvesting Techniques

Overview of Oil Extraction Technologies

Current Practices for Lipid Extraction

Mechanical Disruption (i.e., Cell Rupture)

Organic Co-solvent Mixtures

Application of Organic Two-Solvent Systems for Lipid Extraction from Microalgae:

Subcritical Water Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction



Other Algae Business Applications

Producing Biofuels

Production of Biogas

Bio Hydrogen Production

Making Bio-plastics

Algae in Waste Water Treatment


Types and Applications of Algae Fertilizers

Food & Health Industry

Food Industry

Ingredients for processed foods

Pharmaceutical Uses of Algae


Cosmetic Uses of Algae

Animal and Fish Feeds

Miscellaneous Uses of Algae

algae microfarms

Designing Viable Algal Business Concept

Algae Concepts in Developing Countries

Marketing Challenges of an Algae Business

Algae Business Strategies for the Future

Small Farm Opportunities:

Bio-fuel Grants and Tax Incentives

Laws and Regulations
Renewable Fuels Assessment
Companies in the USA Involved in Algae Fuel Production

Complete Table Of Contents Here

About the Author

author bio

In 1995, as one of the first Americans to reenter Vietnam after diplomatic relations were restored, David Sieg, while teaching at a university, started making biofuels, then later, algae biodiesel.

With the oil embargo still in effect, Mr. Sieg used his knowledge of biofuels to run the university generators to get lights and air conditioning. Seeing how many people could benefit, he later opened a algae bio fuels consulting business in Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2008, knowing the secretive nature of the algae biodiesel industry and the lack of real world info, he created to share his knowledge. Here you'll find real world applications, "How-To" knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Other sites might tell you WHAT to do, but none of them tell you HOW to do it. We do.

Algae For Entrepreneurs: What You’ll Get

algae business
  • 210 pages paperback
  • Full color
  • Perfect bound
  • 730 page bonus .pdf
PBR shopping list bonus

9 extremely hard to find bonus books with over 730 pages of extra material in .pdf format for immediate reading

OP bonus1

One of the most comprehensive treatments of all aspects of a commercial open pond, including equipment lists and cost breakdowns.

9 Killer Bonuses Are Included

One of a kind bonuses you won't find anywhere else


The Algae Industry Survey (29 pages)

By Dr. Mark Edwards, this one-of-a-kind algae industry survey lets you peek into the minds of the top movers and shakers in the algae industry and see their thoughts, methods, techniques, and much, much more. This is VERY hard to find information outside of expensive private reports. My personal thanks to Mr. Edwards for allowing me to include it.

biomass production

Biogases Production and Utilization (16 pages)

Algae Bio gas is big business and its going to get even bigger. Able to power everything from cooking stoves to generators, to semi-trucks and vehicles, to small private farms, this easy to produce natural gas can do it all. This report goes in-depth into the European side of things. They have been using it, and perfecting it, for years. This insiders look reveals the tip and techniques necessary for starting your own off-the-grid energy system.

algae business

Roadmap for Bio energy and Bio based Products in the United States (56 pages)

This report addresses various aspect of from an algae business perspective

  • Feed stocks
  • Regional opportunities
  • Processing and conversion
  • Infrastructure
  • End use markets

This report is worth studying as many of its predictions have come to pass. It has proved to be an accurate predictor of future events.

ethanol bonus

Current State of the US Ethanol Industry (48 pages)

This report concisely lays out many of the challenges, and logistical ways of dealing with the issues facing the ethanol industry. Covered topics are

  • Size and structure of the US Ethanol Market
  • U.S. Ethanol in a global context
  • Ethanol Industry Economics
  • How Ethanol is Used
  • Environmental issues confronting ethanol
  • And much more
OP bonus1

Production of Lipid Fuels and Chemicals by Micro algae (116 pages)

A detailed report by the Solar Energy Research Institute. This report goes into detail on all aspects of creating and producing algae based fuels and chemicals from 4 different algae strains and the various production challenges they faced, and most importantly, how they solved them. Critical cost centers and how to reduce those costs. It includes sections on methods, laboratory practices, open pond operations, using CO2, mixing, salinity, harvesting, oil/chemical extraction, and operating costs.

NREL Bonus

Advanced Bio fuels Development in the USA (38 pages)

A slide show report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Bio energy Australia Conference in Sydney Australia which outlines the recent history of the NREL, as well as it's current projects. It's predictions for the future of bio fuels as well as steps taken by the NREL to insure its success.

NREL Bonus

A Look Back at the Aquatic Species Program (318 pages)

The book that started it all. This is a "must have" reference detailing the early methods and techniques of algae fuel production using open "raceway" ponds. Jimmy Carter commissioned this study in the early days of the Arab Oil Embargo. It was, at the time, years ahead of its time. I don't know of anyone, who is seriously interested in algae bio fuels who hasn't studied this book from cover to cover. Now

biofuel incentives

Comprehensive Guide to Federal Bio Fuel Incentives (25 pages)

Making bio fuels is one thing, but wouldn't you like to have the government pay you to do it as well as profit from the product itself?

After all, Big Oil, and the Big ethanol producers certainly don't seem to mind it. This comprehensive manual gives you all the details, tips and tricks to cash in on grants, incentives, tax credits available to bio fuel producers and more.

test facility

The Design and Operation of an Algae Test Facility (68 pages)

Another excellent and detailed report by the Solar Energy Research Institute. All details of their test facility in Roswell, New Mexico are present here. How they built it, the materials, Earthworks, Mixing Systems Nutrient System, Dilution System, Carbonation system is detailed in this excellent report.

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