Unsolicited Customer Testimonials

These are a small fraction of testimonials and comments I have received. I don’t have time to put them all up.

Making Algae Biofuels at Home

Dear sir:

Great news! You are finishing to write one book expected for many years. During several months, I have been an constant follower of your ideas, papers and designs and there is no doubt of your worldwide mastery about biofuels. I am a Colombian researcher dedicated to participate in the Colombian project for production of biodiesel from native microalgae…. It will be as our Bible on those topics really urgent and necessary for the future wellfare of the humanity.

Thanks in advance


David, just read through your book on algal biodiesel. Nice layout, easy to read with emphasis on building from local materials and good optimism. We may use some of these ideas for our engineering senior design course this year on biofuels production. Thanks..

Terry H. Walker
Professor of Biosystems Engineering

I want to thank you for your prompt action. You are an example for others to follow. Its a pleasure to do business with you!

Robert Lewko

David thanks again for your insightful view on Making Algae Biofuels Book a subject that is set to change the world for the better. And with this in mind I invite anyone with the hunger to know more about algae biofuels to put this book on your must read list immediately.

Victor Garlington

Dear sir:

Thank you. I am really impressed with the content of the book. You have a new fan!




Hello David. I trust you are well. Your project is definately a labor of love. I have spent about 3+ hrs reading. looks like an 8 hr read to get all the details. I would again thank you for your work, easy reading, to the point, well organized.

Dale Bock

Making Algae Biodiesel At Home

I’m not a biodiesel expert, but I would say that in his book, Making Algae Biodiesel at Home, David Sieg provides more than enough information to tackle this process with confidence if you have the inclination to tackle a do-it-yourself project of this magnitude, which will require dedication, patience, and natural skill. He provides concise overviews as well as in-depth resources for understanding the process and its variables, including tips from commercial versions and national labs. The guide covers all aspects required, including selecting, growing, harvesting the algae; and making the biodiesel. Though the process is certainly not easy, David skillfully makes it easy enough that it is within the grasp of doing this at home. His guide is well-organized and well-written, accompanied by abundant illustrations, photos, and diagrams. Best wishes.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress
Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, Inc.

Hi David

Hi David,

Your Making Algae Biodiesel at Home is a terrific document. Congratulations on probably the best collection of information anywhere on the topic. I’m going to be completely honest. I’m a guy who is looking to develop algae commercially, partly because this is so complicated and partly because we need to get off petroleum no matter how we do it. Moreover, if we can integrate this with waste water treatment and powerplants we can make a big dent in cleaning up those guys. I am partnered with some excellent scientific resources in the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Curt Felix

Dear David,

I have learned more from your e-book then spending $6,000 going to the Algae World 2009 Conference in Rotterdam. Do you have the same manual for Jatropha? Many thanks,

Jim Riordan, Director,
Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation,

Jim Riordan, Director,Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation,

Dear David,

I am a small farmer that is suffering from the Economic downturn and would not have had the finances to afford it at this time. I believe your work in research on algae and your willingness to share with us maybe at the center of new world wide wealth for the under privileged. The greatest aspect of your work is the empowering of the little people. You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. You have demonstrated this is not complex. We can do this.

Larry D. Hays
Oregon USA

More unsolicited testimonials…

Thank you so much for making the update available to those of us who bought your book. It means and says volumes. A customer who is now a fan. Thanks,

Russ Houck

Hey Dave;
You are the voice in the wilderness. Charge at will for your work.

Brad Walsh

Hello David & Tram ~

* VERY * Impressed Customer. WOW ~ I just purchased your Algae Biofuel package and I can’t wait to dig through it!…As the inevitable peak oil effect manifests as tightening heating oil supply, I’m concerned for family & loved ones across the Northern regions. I consider shortages of heating oil to be far more critical than shortages of gasoline ~ in terms of real human impact. Freezing to death trumps riding a bike any day.Thanks for publishing this important book.

Pete Russell
San Francisco

Hi David,
As you suspected, there was no problem with your downloads, only my adobe. Everything is fine and the books are very informative.


Thank you David. I have not made it all of the way through the material yet but
it is extremely interesting so far.

Tracy Hammock

Thanks again for getting back to me. Everything is cool, I had no problems at home and re-registered it as you mentioned. Love the book. You obviously put a lot of time into it and
as always(I already have the Making Algae Biodiesel at Home ebook)tons of info provided. You’re doing a good thing……….keep it up! And welcome back to the states.

John Pimperl

David, just a quick word concerning the e-book. WOW!


Respected sir
This course is very wonder full,i want need usefull this course,change my life, Thanking you

Perla Samuel

Hi Mr.David Sieg, I think you are doing a good job ,Happy New Year !Have a great everyday ,Mr,Energy Independent, Take care.

yw South Korea/ex-Peace Corps coordinator

I am a small farmer that is suffering from the Economic downturn and would not
have had the finances to afford it at this time. I believe your work in research on algae and your
willingness to share with us maybe at the center of new world wide wealth for the under privileged. The greatest aspect of your work is the empowering of the little people. You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. You have demonstrated this is not complex. We can do this.

Larry D. Hays

Hi David-

So I just purchased your ebook Making Algae Biodiesel from Home, and I have been reading through it without performing any of the steps, as you requested we do in the book. As I have been walking around the military base I am on in Iraq, I have been keeping an eye out for algae growth, but there is just a lack of natural bodies of water here.

I will keep reading the book and doing my best to find a local sample. Even if it doesn’t yield much oil I would at least like to become proficient at growing algae and gain an understanding of all the variables influencing its growth. I have a year or more to work on it so I know I can get something to happen! I am enjoying the reading so far and I plan on buying more of your books when I feel like I am a little more advanced. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Kevin Bunday

Thanks again, from what i’ve read so far it looks like a great book!

Casey Lisle

This is a wonderful book. see if you can organize a workshop.


Hi David,

Yet another excellent book, this will help me immensely in my project here in the
UK-Thank You David for all your effort in producing this masterpiece.

Rod Padwick

Hi David,

I’ll end with that question, but I’ll say up front that I feel SO blessed to have found your site
and all the books that you’ve already produced.  I’m a neophyte to Algae but I’ve ‘kinda been
beating the drum about its benefits for about a year.  To have found your site, to find that
it so clearly lay out so many of algae’s benefits, and to have such a ridiculously low price for
the information – it’s truly a Godsend.

Dave Blankenship

I love all of it. I dream of making biodiesel and constructing sustainable housing. I need to stop
dreaming and start doing! thanks for your inspiration,

Kevin Anderson

Unsolicited Testimonials for “Building Open

Once again, David Sieg has composed and excellent guide, this time focusing on open
ponds for growing algae, whether for fuel, food, animal feed, fertilizer, or even cosmetics. He covers the range from home use to large-scale commercial systems, from a distributed and survival perspective; yet practical enough for modern implementation — a hallmark of true sustainable principles. We’ll be consulting this guide in the Safe Haven Villages (.org) intention community I’m involved with. In a day when central authority is growing more tenuous, the ability to do things in a distributed model is growing increasingly vital; and it just makes more sense from a seventh-generation sustainability point of view, while still being profitable in today’s economy. In fact you might consider this as a career that will not only survive the downturn, but help you and many others make it through the worst of times to come; all while pioneering a future industry.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress, Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network,


Hi David,

Yes it does make sense and is very clear. I am a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
specialized in chemical and biochemical reactors, I have over 400 papers, 4 patents and 4 books…I like your simple books to the ordinary person

Prof.Dr.Said Elnashaie
Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering, New Mexico Tech. University, Albuquerque, USA

David really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to biodiesel. And his new book
“Building Open Ponds” shows it… it’s 157 pages jam packed with tons of great information from growing algae in an old bathtub to large scale algae farms. Great details and pictures to make it as easy as pie even for the novice. David really goes the whole nine yards when he writes a book!

Bill Anderson, author http://www.electricitybook.com


This is a great book on how to make algae biodiesel using ponds. People around the world contact us all the time about creating renewable energy using algae. This book makes it possible for them to do so in their own back yard. Great job!

Vic. Garlington


I can’t say enough about the quality information you have presented here and the fact
that I can visualize making any one of the systems from the information you have given me in the book is a powerful motivator.

Howard Bankston


Hi David,


Thanks for letting me know about your amazing new release, “Building Open Ponds” with me. I just finished reading thru it & thought it was fantastic! Your presentation of the great variety of uses for the algae that anyone can grow themselves was excellent. In additional to detailing all the factors to consider & how to set up different sized open pond systems, you provide some great info on many other important aspects, including harvesting & de-watering steps.


Thanks also for including Ron Putt’s feasibility study in your Bonus Materials — it’s another great source of valuable information. As you know, my organization, Terra Endeavors, is in the process of setting up small-to-moderate sized, commercial scale open-pond systems to provide rural communities in developing countries many of the algae-derived benefits you detail — nutritional supplements to fight malnutrition & for export revenue, bio ethanol, high-protein animal feed & organic fertilizer. This book will be instrumental in helping us design & operate the best system possible!


I highly recommend Building Open Ponds to everyone with an interest in anything algae related!


Best regards,

Charles Abramson

Terra Endeavors http://www.terraendeavors.net

The book details facts about the forgotten fields of organic fertilizer, healthy natural foods, and above all an insight on how to become an entrepreneur. Am a graduate of Biochemistry in Kenya and i find your books so resourceful as i am also working on a project of starting a nutritional magazine as there is none in the Kenyan market.


Keep up the good work ,you should send one copy to Mr.Obama…

Harry Leon

It will be great laying hands on this book. I know you can do it. Regards.

Benjamin Ezekoye

I try to start research about domestic algae utilisation for biodiesel production in Bosnia. I need any useful information and I think that I’ll find a lot of them in this book.


Thank you in advance.


Thank you for letting me be on your site. I’m just now getting into making biodiesel from
WVO and know I will soon need to expand into something better. I think you have the answer.
you for letting be soon be a part of the solution for self reliance. I will purchase your
information just as soon as possible to raise the funds.
I am totally disabled with limited resources and must be careful with every purchase I make in these trying times.
God Bless you and your family for making this available, your information just might save many people’s lives.

Thank you again, I will contact you as soon as I possibly can.

John Woodward

Loved your Bioreactors book, can’t wait to see what this one has in store for us.


I admire your vision on Bio diesel


We are working in Colombia in the cultivation of algae for Spirulina production. This is a very interesting document for us


Jaime Torres

Need all this info for a project i want to do in Africa for the benefit of the people there


Tom Carnaffin

A most interesting concept of improving this part of algae’s benefits to the world’s fuels


Jerry Brown

Thanks for your service to the world.

Dominic Pwinski

I love your books!

Jack Koch

Interesting how the bio-diesel think morphed into algae growing. Great information.

Greg Howard

People like you will be remembered for generations



Unsolicited Testimonials for “Making AlgaePhotobioreactors

Well, I was only going to look at the first few pages, got into them and couldn’t stop. Very nice job.

Howard Bankston


The book is top notch as far as building a PBR is concerned. David is the man to go to when it comes to biodiesel and algae oil. The book leaves out no details!

Bill Anderson
Author, “Electricity – Make it, Don’t Buy it” www.electricitybook.com

Hi David

I have had a quick look through. There is a great range of systems and step-by-step pictures make it relatively easy to follow construction process.

Steve Ewings

I will make a prototype and share the knowledge obtained. You are so good by sharing this information. God bless you!

Arsenio Abellana
Cebu, Philippines

I would like to start my own business and am trying to get a working model for grant
purposes. Thank you for all the information you have provided in the past and for this e-book.

Lionel Murphy
New Jersey

Sir we plan to work on closed atmosphere to get maximum yield of best quality algae. We are getting good information from you

Ashutosh Pandey
Bhopal, India

I already have your Algae BioDiesel Book and I’m going to build a Photobioreactor at
home. So, I’m waiting on your further information with great interest!

Asko Salminen
Riste, Finland

I need it to use it in my PhD on production of biofuel from microalgae. Thank you very much for this free photo. I appreciate that and ready to contact you in research about using algae in biofuel production

Abd El-Fatah Abo-Mohra
Tanta, Egypt

Great to hear the new book is/will soon be available! Really looking forward to seeing what you’ve included. We’ve continued to make progress with the project to build algae facilities in
Africa, as well as a few other exciting potential directions. Hope things are going great for you, and that we’ll have a chance to speak soon.

Charles Abramson
Woodland Hill, CA

I want to set up a model for a system; then put together a team to market to organizations that need the multiple benefits. Great Program-Thank you

Don Lee
Winchester, TN

I’m at the point that I’m doing research on the best algae choice here in Ontario. I don’t have a plan, but I will have one shortly and let you know. I like your friendly and easy-to-understand style. I may pay you a visit in Thailand sometime; it’s a small world…

Nicolae Iosif
Toronto, Canada

At the moment it is for getting prepared in case the world goes too crazy, well much more crazy than the current too crazy!

Michael Skowronski
Kirkland, WA

I am looking for ways to lower the cost of fodder, so I would try and find the best algae to grow based on growth rate, nutritional value and effort needed to grow the algae. Generally good and easy to read books.

Kenneth Holm
Perth, Australia

Make bio-fuel to run an ultralight super high efficiency car – based on -trevipedia.net I deeply respect your initiative and taking thinking and talking to action and outcome.

Matt Green
Melbourne, Australia

As with all private innovation today, this technology will probably be suppressed and,
or, made illegal by the power elite. Getting started now will give the head start that will surely be necessary for any type of success. God Bless the “garage” engineers!

Allan Merrett
Calgary, Canada

Ghana is the star of all African Countries and in fact the first to be visited by President Obama during his first historic visit to Africa. We have struck oil but I know that our future lies in the cheapest environmentally sustainable source of biodiesel and algae stands out as the best. The bioreactor will be the pilot project as a sequel to a commercial production source, the first
of its kind in Africa. I am now 61 yrs old and an environmental economist with over 36 years experience since graduating in 1974 as an agricultural economist. My desire is to promote environmentally soundand sustainable technologies for the production of clean energy. To my utmost conviction, algae is themost environmentally appropriate and most economic source for the production of biodiesel and oilscompared to all other sources be it fossil, agricultural or other environmental endowments – a solutionto the world’s quest for sustainable and clean energy production.

Edward Karkari
Accra, Ghana

Planning to build a unit in the coastal zone of Sonora for fuel production. Excellent work the book. Looking forward to use it well

Jorge Jimenez
Hermosillo, Mexico

I plan to build this reactor in my farm which is located near the sea for my personal use. I love this technology and I appreciate David for his selflessness in sharing his knowledge
contained in his books.

Tobias D’Artagnan Ybanez
Cebu, Philippines

Lots of water and lots of sunshine in Florida. Tampa Bay recently has a fourteen mile
algae bloom. Algae is going to be he fuel of the future but we need to help it along. We need to become algae farmers as soon as possible.

Palm Harbor Florida

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