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Here's How You Can Start Making Algae Ethanol Immediately For Bio gasoline, Without paying a Fortune

This book is a how-to manual of algae ethanol conversion process. It is meant to allow investors and others just interested in the process of making bio-gasoline to have a peek inside this new technology and potential gold mine industry. This is not a book on how to make moonshine in your bath tub; rather you will learn how it is done at home, small scale, and large-scale, and why this new technology is so important to the energy future of not only this country, but the world.

algae ethanol

This book is set up to assist you in the following ways

  • To thoroughly understand the algae ethanol process as well as the fundamentals of alcohol fermentation.
  • The different algal strains for Ethanol
  • Where to buy algae strains.
  • Build a home algae ethanol still for personal production.
  • To thoroughly prepare you to successfully buy an ethanol still.
  • To guide you through the process of building and setting up a small scale algae ethanol plant.
  • To guide you in building and setting up a large scale ethanol plant.
  • To help you understand the legal requirements related to algae ethanol production.
  • To advise on the local and federal government tax breaks available to you to start.
  • A resource guide to get most parts and equipment.
  • Detailed reference sources to get further information.

Why use algae for ethanol?

  • You can press the oil from specific strains of algae to make bio diesel, and then use the left over biomass for ethanol…two transportation fuel products in one.
  • Algae can be grown on non-arable land not taking away from the productive farmland.
  • Algae require fewer inputs than traditional sources.
  • The EROI - Energy Returned On Investment, is much higher than Energy Invested or required to produce algae ethanol.
  • Making algae ethanol does not require a very complicated equipment or machinery to set it up.
  • Algae ethanol plant does not use food crops.
  • The alga to ethanol process produces many valuable by-products.
  • A by-product of the fermentation process is CO2…a valuable component needed in maximizing algae production.
ethanol process

This book is written for entrepreneurs and small business owners, by an entrepreneur and small business owner. I've tried to answer the questions I would have, and have had, in my own algae production consulting business. It is written for professionals and forward thinking individuals looking to cash in on the "Algae Revolution."

Other factors to consider:

  • No licensing required or needed.
  • Grow a valuable product.
  • No upper limit on income potential.
  • No boss
  • Ground floor opportunity to get in on one of the biggest bonanzas in modern history.

The paperback book is over 235 pages and the eBook and supporting bonus material are a whooping 1024 pages. It is the most complete treatment of the subject available anywhere, online or offline.

His books are a bestseller with my audience...

This is another excellent eBook by David Sieg in his algae-as-fuel series, which helps us move in a more sustainable and self-reliant direction, both individually and collectively.

His books are a best-seller with my audience that is looking for ambitious solutions. In this 240-page volume, you will be given the information needed to launch ethanol production from algae or other 'discard' biomass; whether for yourself, or as a small or medium-sized business, including information about local permitting, incentives and obstacles. The remainder of the 1024-page document contains additional supplemental material he has compiled for you to help in this quest."

Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress,
Pure Energy Systems Network
Algae Biodiesel Table of Contents
algae biodiesel testimonials
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Why should you invest in this algae ethanol report?

  • Written for the layman, or non-technical person.
  • The report highlights different, inexpensive methods of producing algae ethanol having a focus on bio-gasoline.
  • It provides extensive details on every aspect of algae ethanol
  • It presents numerous examples of what the pioneers in the field are doing in the algae ethanol domain.
  • It showcases methods of building low-cost methods of making algae ethanol at home.
  • It highlights ways to build commercial ethanol plants economically.
  • It lists places to buy materials and parts,
  • It provides current and future research areas in algae energy domain.
  • It provides extensive knowledge on commercial algae ethanol...what works, and what doesn't.
  • It provides commercial research, enabling students, teachers, and researchers to quickly and easily get up to speed.
  • It provides details for alternative algae products not just ethanol - from algae.

I was Completely Impressed...

I just recommended your Algae to Ethanol book to a colleague of mine. We are working on an ethanol project together and he is going to order the book.

I just thought I would pass this note along to let you know and to know that I was completely impressed with the ebook (the amount I have read thus far) that is why I recommended it.

It is EXCELLENT source of information!

Thanks for a great book!

Eddie Carter

Partial Table of Contents

  • How to use this eBook
  • What is Ethanol?
  • History of Ethanol
  • Ethanol myths
  • Size and Structure of the US Ethanol Industry
  • How Ethanol is Used .
  • Why Use Algae to Produce Ethanol?
  • Ethanol around the world
  • Products distilled from ethanol
  • The Future of ethanol
  • US Algae Market Potential
  • Market Outlook

Book One: Part 2: Production Overview

  • What is a biorefinery?
  • Basic algae ethanol production
  • Algae Ethanol Feed Stocks
  • Where to obtain ethanol algae feedstock
  • Growing Algae for Ethanol
  • Strain Selection
  • Cultivation
  • algae biofactory
    • Open Ponds
    • Closed Ponds
    • Enclosed Photo bioreactors
  • Scale-Up Challenges
  • Other feed stocks that can be used
  • Building or Buying a Home Ethanol Still
    • Still Plans
    • Still Kits
    • Professionally Built Stills

Book Two:

Algae Gasoline
  • Market Opportunities
  • Co-production
  • Site and Climate Considerations
  • Climate
  • Water Requirements
  • Productivity and Costs
  • Combined Bioreactor and Open pond costs
  • Example of a Small Scale Algae Ethanol Farm in South Africa.

Book Three

Large Scale Plant Design

  • Dry Milling
  • Wet Milling
  • Fermentation
  • Yeast Strains
  • Nutritional Requirements
  • Sugar Concentration
  • Distillation
  • What Is a Bio refinery?
    • Conceptual Bio refinery
  • The Decision to Produce Ethanol
  • Benefits
  • Markets and Uses
  • Market Assessment
  • Production Potential
  • Financial Requirements
  • Analysis of Financial Requirements
  • Decision Process
  • Plant Design
    • Overall Plant Considerations
    • Individual System Considerations
    • Process Control
    • Representative Ethanol Plant
  • Small/Farm scale equipment suppliers
  • Commercial Business Planning
  • Permit information
  • Water Pollution Controls and Permits
  • Overview of Federal and State Polices That Support Ethanol
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Conversion Factors
  • Glossary
About the Author

In 1995, as one of the first Americans to reenter Vietnam after diplomatic relations were restored, David Sieg, while teaching at a university, started making biofuels, then later, algae biodiesel.

With the oil embargo still in effect, Mr. Sieg used his knowledge of biofuels to run the university generators to get lights and air conditioning. Seeing how many people could benefit, he later opened a algae bio fuels consulting business in Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2008, knowing the secretive nature of the algae biodiesel industry and the lack of real world info, he created to share his knowledge. Here you'll find real world applications, "How-To" knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Other sites might tell you WHAT to do, but none of them tell you HOW to do it. We do.

author bio

“I can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this earlier!”

I first have to start out by saying... “I can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this earlier!”. We already know that algae is one of the best sources for oil. Algae produces 100x more oil per acre than soybeans and 10x more oil per acres than the next best thing - jatropha. And now, David Sieg is telling us that you can make ethanol from the leftovers after you extract all the oil?! That’s a lot of energy extracted from just one small acre of algae!

Maybe algae is the answer! And David Sieg is the man with the answers to all your algae questions. He is one of the foremost World experts in algae production. He has written many books on the subject in recent years. Most of his subject matter was about algae for oil production. The oil could be extracted and used to make biodiesel. Now we are learning from this new book, that you can take the byproduct of the oil production process and make another fuel to run our gas guzzling cars.

This is a “must read” book in my opinion.

Bill Anderson

Algae Ethanol: Here's What You’ll Get

A4E book cover order now2

274 pages

Full color

Perfect bound

OP bonus1

10 extremely hard to find bonus books with over 783 pages of extra material in .pdf format for immediate reading


The most complete treatments of all aspects of a commercial algae ethanol, including equipment lists and cost breakdowns.

He presents the key questions necessary biofuel production

Algae for Ethanol provides the foundation for understanding the ethanol industry and how algae can provide an energetic feed stock for ethanol producers. Throughout Algae for Ethanol, David Sieg presents the key questions necessary for successful biofuel production. Algae producers for co-products such as foods, feed, nutraceuticals, fertilizers, and medicines also will benefit from the comprehensive references and websites available in Algae for Ethanol.

Mark Edwards, PhD
Arizona State University

Bonus Section, Time to Over Deliver!

One of a kind bonuses you won't find anywhere else

OP bonus1
Design and Operation of an Outdoor Microalgae Test Facility

While this report is over 30 years old, don't be fooled. it is one of the most in-depth to be found on the subject of building open ponds/


A Comprehensive study undertaken by Auburn University

A 57 page report by Ron Putt of Auburn University where he outlines a feasible plan for Alabama to create 3 billion gallons of fuel to supply ALL of Alabama's ground transportation needs. This is one of the most comprehensive plans I've ever found. I think this report is ground breaking and I'm proud to be able to present it here.

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