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 Learn Why There is No Better Time to Get Involved in the Algae Industry.


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  • What is the Algae Revolution? Why NOW is the right time to get involved in the "Algae Revolution."
  • Commercial Uses for Algae Overview: You can see at a glance, the dozens of products available from this humble plant.
  • Algae Competitve advantages: The answers here are going to surprise you. The world is currently overlooking many of the advantages.
  • 10 Market Predictions for Algae: There is no doubt that business world is under going massive change. This is your chance to "get ahead of the curve."

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The other books are fantastic – Now I am looking to get finance to open up the Algae
Industry in the Southern Eastern Mediterranean . Thank you Dave
Costas Lambropoulos
Keep up the great work! Your books are both enlightening and accessible for a general
Daniel Kainer
Thank you for all you are doing  
Tore Lundeby
Looking forward to reading it. Great info!  
Jon Hall
Hi David,

I know I will get plenty of value out of this purchase. Your books are clearly illustrated and
easily understood. I fully intend on purchasing all upcoming publications and know that you must be putting in some killer hours to keep producing this amount of information. Thanks for keeping this going,

Thank you David,

We love your stuff. I'll be reading your book with interest. We are planning a small scale
commercial phytoplankton operation in Udon Thani so your email was very timely Kind regards

Nigel Hughes
Great work, The world owes you a lot. Keep Up the good work. Many respects  
Costa Amanatidis
Dear friend: Great job!!  
Luis Marin