Building Open Ponds

Who Would Benefit From This Book?

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Organic gardeners
  • Bio fuel researchers
  • Health food enthusiasts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Survivalists



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Why should you invest in Building Open Ponds?

  • Written for the layman, or non-technical person.
  • The report highlights different, inexpensive methods of building open ponds having a focus on bio fuels and bio-energy.
  • It provides extensive details on every aspect of building open ponds
  • It presents numerous examples of what the pioneers in the field are doing in the algae energy domain.
  • It showcases methods of building low-cost open ponds at home.
  • It highlights ways to build commercial open ponds economically.
  • It provides current and future research areas in algae energy domain.
  • It provides extensive knowledge on commercial open ponds…what works, and what doesn't.
  • It provides commercial research, enabling students, teachers, and researchers to quickly and easily get up to speed.
  • It provides details for alternative algae products not just biodiesel – from algae.

Many people have asked me for an update to this book since it was first published in 2009, and a lot of changes have taken place since then. It's been a long time coming but it is finally completed and ready. Over 508 pages of information covering all aspects of building open ponds. This is the most complete treatment of this subject available anywhere.

Table of Contents

Book One: About Algae and Open Ponds


  • What can we do with algae?
  • The bio fuels perspective
  • Bio Fertilizers
  • Algae Fertilizers
  • Health Food Supplements
  • Animal Feed.
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Cosmetics
  • Open Pond Overview
  • Where to Grow Algae
  • The Open Pond Design Concept
  • What you’re Going to Need
  • How Big Should My Pond Be?
  • Open Pond Shapes
  • Round
  • Oblong (Raceway)
  • Closed
  • Bubble Covered
  • “Down and Dirty” Open ponds at Home
  • Site Considerations
  • Soil Conditions
  • Designing an Effective Open Pond
  • Small Pond Systems





"David really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to biodiesel. And his new book “Building Open Ponds” shows it… it’s 557 pages jam packed with tons of great information from growing algae in an old bathtub to large scale algae farms. Great details and pictures to make it as easy as pie even for the novice. David really goes the whole nine yards when he writes a book!

Bill Anderson, author


Book Two: The “Down and Dirty” Guide to Building Open Ponds at Home


• Overview
• Design Notes
• Building a Bio Pond
• When to Use a Bio Pond
• Bio pond Parts List
• The Bio Pond in Action
• Scaling Up From The Test/Biopond
• Overview
• Livestock water troughs
• Building Above Ground Backyard And/Or Pilot Scale Ponds
• Materials:
• Fabrication:
• Building a Backyard “Raceway” Open Pond
• Calculating the amount of algae per square foot of open pond.


This is a great book on how to make algae biodiesel using ponds. People around the world contact us all the time about creating renewable energy using algae. This book makes it possible for them to do so in their own back yard. Great job!

Vic. Garlington

Book Three: Commercial Open Ponds.


• Light
• Water
• Nutrients and CO2
• pH Values
• Aeration and Mixing Of Algae
• Temperature of the Pond 5
• Salinity
• Risks and opportunities
• Land use:
• CO2: risks
• Nutrients: risks and opportunities
• Water consumption: risks and opportunities
• Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): opportunities and risks
• The Open Pond Design Concept:
• Scale-Up Challenges and Issues to Consider
• Stability and/or Contamination of Large-Scale Cultures
• System Productivity
• Nutrient Sources, Sustainability, and Management
• Water Management, Conservation, and Recycling
• Selecting Algal Model Systems or Study
• The basic flow, size and mechanics of your algal pond
• Water Chemistry
• CO2 and Carbonization of your pond
• Nutrient Recycle
• Nutrient Loss
Resources and Siting
• Resource Requirements for Different Cultivation Approaches
• Pond Liners
• Pond Linings and Ratings
• The Paddle Wheel System
• Distal End Details:
• Contamination
• Bacteria.
• Insects
• Large Scale Harvesting of Algae
• Micro Straining
• Belt Filtration
• Settling
• Microalgae Flocculation
• Centrifugation
• Electroflotation
• Algae Drying Systems
• Flash drying
• Rotary Dryers
• Incinerators
• Toroidal Dryer
• Spray Drying
• Solar Drying
• Algae Yield in Open Ponds
• The Problem with extrapolating algae yields:
• Real world yields
• Power Considerations
• Algae Power
• Biogas Production by Anaerobic Digestion
• Anaerobic Digestion of Whole Algae
• Running DC Devices
• Running AC Devices
• Solar Energy
• Wind Energy
• Small “Hybrid” Solar and Wind Electric Systems
• Generators
Algae Production Costs, Uncertainties and Challenges
• Challenges:
• R&D Challenges
• Feedstock challenges include
• Algal Biology
• Realistic Costs
• Example Lay-out of a Large Scale Biodiesel Farm
• Developing an Algae Economy

"I can't say enough about the quality information you have presented here and the fact that I can visualize making any one of the systems from the information you have given me in the book is a powerful motivator.

Howard Bankston

Free Bonuses. More Killer Material!


  • Bonus #1:A 57 page report by Ron Putt of Auburn University where he outlines a feasible plan for Alabama to create 3 billion gallons of fuel to supply ALL of Alabama's ground transportation needs. This is one of the most comprehensive plans I've ever found. I think this report is ground breaking and I'm proud to be able to present it here.





    • Bonus #2: An exhaustive 230 page report by the Dept. of Energy detailing every aspect of building open ponds. This report is very hard to find and one of the very finest of it's kind.



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"Hi David,

Thanks for letting me know about your amazing new release, "Building Open Ponds" with me. I just finished reading thru it & thought it was fantastic! Your presentation of the great variety of uses for the algae that anyone can grow themselves was excellent. In additional to detailing all the factors to consider & how to get up different sized open pond systems, you provide some great info on many other important aspects, including harvesting & de-watering steps.

Thanks also for including Ron Putt's feasibility study in your Bonus Materials — it's another great source of valuable information. As you know, my organization, Terra Endeavors, is in the process of setting up small-to-moderate sized, commercial scale open-pond systems to provide rural communities in developing countries many of the algae-derived benefits you detail — nutritional supplements to fight malnutrition & for export revenue, bio ethanol, high-protein animal feed & organic fertilizer. This book will be instrumental in helping us design & operate the best system possible! I highly recommend Building Open Ponds to everyone with an interest in anything algae related!

Charles Abramson

Terra Endeavors

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