Algae Biodiesel at Home Table of Contents

The training course is OVER 825 PAGES and is divided up into 7 comprehensive sections:

Book I: Cultivating Algae:

  • Why cultivate algae for biodiesel. Expanded
  • Flow Chart and detailed “overview” of the algae bio diesel process
  • Algae Biodiesel strains: There’s over 300,000 algae strains…which one should you use?
  • How (or if) to choose an algal strain in your local environment. Expanded
  • Where to buy algal strains:
  • Algae growth environments
  • Nutrients to promote growth and reproduction Expanded
  • Algal Culture Techniques
  • How To build your own algae lab
  • Growth dynamics: Knowing when to harvest Expanded
  • Sources of contamination
  • Build an algae test bio reactor!
  • Build an algae incubator for less than $35!

And more

Book II: Scaling Up: Building a Bio-pond Brand New Material

  • Step-by-step instruction building a 50 gallon Bio-PondBrand New Material
  • Material lists
  • Parts Lists
  • Building a Backyard Open PondBrand New Material
  • and more new material..

Book III: Scaling Up (Part II) Building an Algae Green House

  • Planning an algae greenhouses
  • Different kinds of green houses
  • Foundation systems
  • Heating/environmental systems
  • Air circulation
  • Watering and automatic nutrient systems
  • Controllers and automation
  • and more…


Book IV: Scaling Up (Part III) Building an 80 Gallon Algae Bioreactors: Want to be able to build a scalable algae garage bioreactor for less than $215?

  • Parts List
  • Material Lists
  • Tool Lists
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Graphic Illustrations
  • And More…


Book V: Harvesting and Oil Extraction: Brand New Material

  • When to harvest
  • How to harvest
  • Low Cost harvesting methods.
  • Oil extraction principles
  • Oil extraction methods
  • “Microwave” oil extraction method Brand New Material
  • The “Pressure Cooker” oil extraction method Brand New Material
  • How To build a Home-made Oil Press


Book VI: Large Scale Production Concepts:

  • Production in Open Ponds
  • Upscale starter cultures
  • Example Lay-out of a large scale algae farm
  • More advanced harvesting methods
  • Advanced oil extraction methods


Here Are 6 FREE Bonuses to Make Purchasing My Product a no-Brainer:


FREE Bonus #1:The Quick-Start Guide. Short on time and patience? This “Down and Dirty” guide is jam-packed and designed to get you up and going, quickly, and easily.


FREE Bonus #2: The Online Resource List: This “Quick Guide” shows you where to go online to buy every part/resource necessary for building PBR’s. (Including every place overseas you can buy algal cultures!) Especially useful for overseas buyers and/or people living in places where they don’t have access to resources we have in the USA. Cost: PRICELESS time saver if you’re living overseas and have to shop by internet or deal with customs/importing issues.


FREE Bonus #3: 4 complete commercial algae photo-bioreactor patents. These are complete commercial patents of tomorrow’s algae biodiesel photo-bioreactors. After you read these, you’ll know what the big minds, and big dollars are thinking, and doing.


FREE Bonus #4: A Master’s Thesis from one of America’s top algae biodiesel minds today. He explores current and past models of production, and goes on to explain a vastly superior model based on his own work. The future of algae biodiesel could very well be here.


FREE Bonus #5: The US Department of Energy Aquatic Species Program: Biodiesel from Algae. This is where it all started. This 318 page report in exhaustive in its detail of algae to biodiesel processes using race-way or open pond designs. People are selling this on for $40 a copy…yours free. A MUST-HAVE resource for anyone interested in algae biodiesel.


Free Bonus #6: A 57 page report by Ron Putt of Auburn University where he outlines a feasible plan for Alabama to create 3 billion gallons of fuel to supply ALL of Alabama’s ground transportation needs. This is one of the most comprehensive plans I’ve ever found. I think this report is ground breaking and I’m proud to be able to present it here. New Material!


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