Algae Biofuels Consulting also offers consulting services to small scale projects, schools, and start ups.

Three Important Trends in 2012

The highest daily yield of the Aquatic Species Program of NREL was 50 grams per square meter per day. Two years ago, the average daily yield was between 17 and 25 grams per square meter per day. Recently, the use of mixotrophic growth in Chlorella has yielded over 100 grams per square meter per day. Increases in yield lower the amount of investment required in physical plant and labor costs.

A couple years ago, commercial production costs were around $5,000 per ton, or $55 per kilo. In a recent study, production cost estimates ranged from 4-300 dollars per kilo. In a more recent study, the range is 75 cents to $17.25 per kilo.

As oil fields all over the world move past peak output, production will fall. Increasing demand insures higher prices for oil. This is bad news for the economy, but good news for the industry.

What services do we provide?
We specialize in inexpensive, small scale algae biofuel production systems tailored to use in schools, colleges and universities and developing world applications as well as

  • Algae biofuel company start up advice
    • Legal considerations
    • Co locating
    • Co products
  • Deciding on best algae strain for location and type of production
  • Understanding co products and the best for each situation
  • Algae cultivation techniques
  • Maximizing algae output based on readily available and inexpensive inputs
  • Deciding on best production systems
  • Raceway Open pond systems
    • Procurement of different material necessary
    • Design
    • Overseeing construction
    • Testing and fine tuning
  • Algae Bio reactor systems
    • Design
    • Fabrication
    • Overseeing fabrication
    • Testing and fine tuning
  • Sourcing and pricing of specialized algae biofuel equipment
  • Vetting algae biofuel vendors
  • Procurement of harvesting systems
  • Procurement oil extractions systems
  • Procurement of biofuel processing equipment.
  • Design of instructions manuals, training materials, and textbooks.
  • Raw oil sourcing for biodiesel producers.

What to expect.

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