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Algae Biodiesel is the Future of Transportation Fuels

I've always been interested in alternative energy and algae biodiesel. In 1995, I was touring Vietnam and saw farmers pouring vegetable oil directly into their tractors for fuel. I couldn't believe it. Later doing research I found that the Allies and Germans during World War II used to do the same thing. I was hooked.

This grew into a business in South-East Asia, then I started consulting on projects. Word got around and I started teaching what I knew at universities, to people who really needed the information. Mostly small business owners. They saw this REALLY WORKED. In Vietnam, in Thailand, and other developing countries, these people were true biofuel pioneers. I started out making biodiesel from waste oil and this led me eventually to algae.

…Now That the World Has Gone Biodiesel Crazy

It's not as much fun. I'm 51 years old and never did like to play games or the politics of big business. Biofuels has grown into a mega big business. I watched as it was once a small group of like-minded researchers, and people who wanted to do something good for the planet, become a totally different animal. In the words of Pete Townsend and the classic rock band "The Who…"

"Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss…"

Now, of course, everything is different. Big Oil, The Airlines, Big Pharm, Even the Military, are all racing to the be first to commercialize algae biofuels. There is nothing wrong with that. You could argue that eventually, everyone will benefit. After all, umpteen billions of dollars after the Apollo space program, we've got Tang and microwave ovens to show for it.

But don't think for a minute that it will change anything. The price of gasoline won't drop. Heating oil will still be sky high. They aren't looking out for your best interests then, and they won't be later either. Somehow, I get the feeling government isn't going to come to the rescue.

The biggest problem then, as well as now was finding USABLE, ACTIONABLE information that you can afford. Sure there are pricey private reports for $3000-$5000 price range, but most small businesses, entrepreneurs, and normal people can't afford that price tag. It is intentionally priced that high. After all, they certainly don't want the "riff-raff" getting involved. That might create viable competition and force prices down. I also didn't want chemical explanations, long dissertations, or worse, algae biofuels politics, I just wanted info I could use. Information that was immediately actionable.

There's nothing worse than spending hours researching a subject only to find out when you go to use it, that it's completely useless and outdated. That all the hours of preparation were for nothing…

Been There, Done That…

…Or worse yet, finding out that your algae biodiesel how-to info (if you can afford it) was put together by someone who didn't know what they were talking about to begin with and wasted all of your valuable time.

That is how this website came into being and what its main focus is. Supplying you with real world information, you can pick up and start using. Today. Using parts and equipment you can go down to your local hardware store and find.

I'm Not Going To Insult Your Intelligence…

…by telling you this is some "secret" information. It's not. If you're prepared to wade hip-deep into the land of unintelligible techno-jargon, endless, mind-numbing government reports, or spend mega bucks, have at it. You don't need to be here.

Here you'll find the information you need, when you need it. Put together in an easy-to-understand visual format. We've created original information and taken the best of the best from government sources, university thesis, actual case studies, and boiled it down to hard-hitting, no fluff info you can use today to start taking your energy future into your hands.

Is it as easy as going down to your corner gas station and filling your tank? Nope. I make no apologies for that. What you'll find here is the cutting-edge of algae biodiesel technology. What you'll find on this website is what the biofuel consultants and what is now the "bio fuels industrial complex", don't want you to know. If you wanted to continue being an "Energy Slave," then you wouldn't have read this far.

We Need Small Scale, Localized, Solutions…

…It is my sincere hope that this website and the information we produce, becomes a part of the solution of freeing people from the existing energy strangle hold.

We've tried to price everything so as many people as possible could afford it. I could charge a lot more. If you go on you'll find people selling my books for twice and three times the prices I charge. I guess I should be flattered. You can find information out there that is a lot more expensive. But I don't believe you'll any as in-depth, as concise, and as inexpensive as you'll find here.

I'll be adding more and more e-books as time goes by. Currently my book on making algae biodiesel fuel has become somewhat of a global sensation and bestseller. This is the future of biodiesel, and transportation fuels, and in a few months I'll have an e-book on how to start your own algae biofuels business. And, I'm going to show you a lot more.

Like I said, we need new solutions, we need small scale, localized solutions to introduce competition into the market place and break up the energy monopolies. This website represents my small attempt to help the world be a better place.

Here's to wishing you and yours the very best…

David Sieg


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