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Top Five Reasons Why Making Algae Biofuels at Home Rocks!

making algase biofuels at home


  • Reason 1: No experience or fancy tech skills required.
  • Reason 2: No going broke trying to learn the ropes.
  • Reason 3: Contains the "Best of the Best" from all my published books.
  • Reason 4: Making Algae Biofuels at Home is surprisingly powerful, targeted and profitable.
  • Reason 5: It’s easy to get started –you could be implementing your first biofuels strategy in just minutes from now.
  • Bonus Reason 6: These strategies are just as good if not BETTER than many professional techniques, so you’ll enjoy great results without paying an arm and a leg in equipment costs.

Algae Biodiesel Table of Contentsalgae biodiesel testimonials





In 2008 it was all we heard about...

There were dire predictions everywhere. The "Talking Heads" explained it was because of "Peak Oil." The world was running out of crude oil and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The price of fuel skyrocketed upwards 400% percent. Buying gas to go to work ate into your savings. Buying fuel oil to heat your home almost required a second mortgage.

Then a funny thing happened. All of a sudden, we heard no more of Peak Oil. It was like it never happened. Except the price of fuel never went back down. Somebody forgot about that part. When the crisis is over things are supposed to go back to normal, back to where they were.

Remember the 1970's?

Long gas lines. Prices jumping over night. Jimmy Carter warned us then this was coming. He told us if we wanted to avert problems in the future we needed to act. We didn't. In a way, today is like an instant reply of the 70's. Except in the 70's prices returned to normal.

Now it appears that the price of food, and basic necessities is also rising at unprecedented rates. And of course that old villain "Peak Oil" is to blame. They want us conviced that there isn't anything we can do about it…except pay more.

It appears there are quite a few people who benefit, and profit by, keeping our heads buried in the sand. It also appears that the shell game is working. Many people continue to pay unheard of costs without demanding an alternative.

Except there is an alternative and it is way past time we took our energy future into our own hands.

But Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Experts AND Customers From All Over The World Are Saying About This Incredible Book:

Dear sir:
Great news! You are finishing to write one book expected for many years. During several months, I have been an constant follower of your ideas, papers and designs and there is no doubt of your worldwide mastery about biofuels. I am a Colombian researcher dedicated to participate in the Colombian project for production of biodiesel from native microalgae…. It will be as our Bible on those topics really urgent and necessary for the future welfare of  the humanity. Thanks in advance



David, just read through your book on algal biodiesel. Nice layout, easy to read with emphasis on building from local materials and good optimism. We may use some of these ideas for our engineering senior design course this year on biofuels production. Thanks.


Terry H. Walker
Professor of Biosystems Engineering
EEES Dept, Clemson University

 Dear David,

I have learned more from your e-book then spending $6,000 going to the Algae World 2009 Conference in Rotterdam.  Do you have the same manual for Jatropha?  Many thanks,

Jim Riordan, Director

Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation, Africa



 Dear David,

I am a small farmer that is suffering from the Economic downturn and would not have had the finances to afford it at this time. I believe your work in research on algae and your willingness to share with us maybe at the center of new world wide wealth for the under privileged. The greatest aspect of your work is the empowering of the little people. You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. You have demonstrated this is not complex. We can do this.  

Larry D. Hays


Want even MORE testimonials, click here

Here is just some of what you'll learn in this comprehensive training course.

  • How to cultivate algae
  • Create our own algal lab for pennies
  • Open pond designs
  • Build your algae photo bioreactorfor less than $215
  • Algae harvesting techniques
  • Oil extraction techniques
  • Making Biodiesel from algae oil
  • Quality testing
  • Trouble shooting
  • Making biogasoline (Ethanol)

And don’t worry; this isn’t a confusing guide that you’d have to be a scientist to understand. This is a “paint by numbers” step-by-step manual that holds your hand the entire way, from start to finish!

  • A visual overview of the entire process
  • Clear-cut instructions
  • Photographs
  • Diagrams
  • Parts List
  • Material Lists
  • Tool Lists
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Graphic Illustrations

Despite how easy to follow and implement the instructions are, make no mistake…this is serious stuff! Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • Why cultivate algae for biodiesel. (The answers here might surprise you.)
  • Flow Chart and detailed "overview" of the algae biodiesel process
  • Algae Biodiesel strains:There's over 300,000 algae strains…which one should you use?
  • Where to buy algal strains:
  • Building an algal lab for pennies
  • Algae growth environments
  • Nutrients to promote growth and reproduction
  • Making photobioreactors at home
  • Simple, low-cost harvesting methods
  • Inexpensive oil extraction techniques
  • Use the raw oil to make biodiesel

And tons more! 

Now, suppose you could discover the secrets of making algae biodiesel fuel from your own home, with a small investment in equipment, and without much space?

Imagine…heating your home in the harsh winter weather…for nearly no cost. You can crank your thermostat to whatever level you feel comfortable in, and not give a second thought to the cost…no more worrying about a high gas or electric bill hitting you square in the gut right before Christmas!

Still Not Convinced, Think About this…

Just think…$8 per gallon gasoline is not an “if” but a “when”. Peak oil hasn't gone away, even if they are trying as hard as possible to sweep it under the rug. The same way they did in the 1970's. It’s going to happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. As China, India, and other countries begin rapidly developing into industrial powerhouses, oil as a natural resource will literally be worth its weight in gold.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to fill your tank up every week…just to go to work…you’ll be able to pump your own batch of homemade algae biodiesel…right from your own garage!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't if you have the right knowledge.

If all of this sounds good, then you’re reading the right page.

Here’s what bio F.U.E.L. stands for:

making algase biofuels at homeF – Free. or inexpensive. No worrying about going bankrupt trying to find the right parts or equipment! Everything we teach you is completely low-cost methods. Why pay for expensive equipment when you can get it at the home improvement store?

U – Understandable. A algae based strategy is worthless if you don’t know how to deploy it correctly. It’s these deployment secrets that you’ll learn once you’re a member of Algae Biofuels 101 and they're explained in an easy-to-follow language anyone can understand!

E – Effective. A strategy isn’t worth a penny to you if it doesn't produce results. That’s why you’ll learn only the most effective, proven and time-tested strategies that work!

L – Lasting. These strategies work today. They’ll work tomorrow. And you can bet they’ll be working next year, too. You'll learn methods of generating low cost fuel that continue to produce results long after you've set them up.

That’s right, these are the proven strategies. The ones that predictably work every single time. These are the strategies you’ll wish you started using ages ago!

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algae biofuels









Just look at what you get in this 1400 page Making Algae Biofuel at Home training course…

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #1 "Understanding Algae Biodiesel
Quickly and Easily

In this module you'll learn…

  • A visual overview of the algae biofuels process. (You'll understand the process quickly)
  • A simple system for locating free native algae in your area easily and
  • A "down and Dirty" step-by-step methods of determining if the local algae in your area is oil bearing, (and what to do if it isn't.).
  • A "Quick-Start" guide to determine if you should use local, native algae, or buy an proven algae strain!
  • How to build an inexpensive algae incubator for less than $35.
  • Examples and ideas for everything from start to finish – more than just learning WHAT to do, you'll learn HOW to do it.
  • Action Plan
  • 2 Free Bonus downloads
    • Aquatic Species Report
    • Algae industry survey

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #2 "8 best algae strains to start with and where to get them" In this module you'll learn

  • An overview of the 8 best algae strains to start with. New material
  • The ONE algae strain you should consider before all others.
  • The best climates to grow algae in. New material
  • Oil content by species
  • Where to buy algae strains world-wide
  • Action checklist New material
  • Action plan New material
  • 3 Bonus downloads
    • "Algae for Dummies"
    • Botryococcus braunii Growing guide
    • How to Grow Chlorella

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™Module #3 " Algae growth dynamics 101"homemade algae bioreactor In this module you'll learn

  • Introduction
  • Growth Dynamics of Algae .
  • “Quick and Dirty” Fertilizers and Nutrients.
  • Basic Variations to Create Algal Development Effects.
  • Light
  • pH .
  • Aeration/mixing .
  • Temperature .
  • Salinity or Salt Content
  • Action Checklist New material
  • 3 Bonus Downloads
  • Choosing the correct algae
  • Making Algae Grow

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #4 " Building Test Bioreactors" *BRAND NEW MATERIAL* In this module you'll learn

  • Why Use a PBR?
  • Design Notes
  • When to Use a Bottle PBR
  • PBR Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Detailed Parts List New material
  • Building the Base New material
  • Fabrication: New material
  • Bio Light Array Fabrication New material
  • Bio Cell Construction New material
  • Air System Assembly New material
  • Air Stone/Cap Assembly
  • Action Checklist. New material
  • Test bioreactor in action New material
  • 3 Free Bonus Downloads
    • PBR Shopping list
    • PBR parts list (detail)
    • PBR Resource list

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™Module #5 " Building bio-ponds " In this module you'll learn

  • Introduction .
  • Design Notes .
  • When to Use a Bio Pond .
  • Detailed Parts List.
  • Fabrication .
  • Options and Variations .
  • Parts List.
  • Bio Pond in Action
  • Action Checklist. New material
  • 2 Free Bonus Downloads
    • Biopond shopping list
    • Biopond parts list

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #6 " Building a Backyard Raceway Pond" New materialbackyard open pond In this module you'll learn:

  • Introduction
  • Building a Backyard “Raceway” Open Pond
  • Applying the fine coat
  • Sweep the Concrete .
  • Installing the Shaft Mounting Block
  • Sealing the Concrete .
  • Assemble Paddle wheel and Install Motor
  • Calculating the amount of algae per square foot of open pond. New material
  • Action Checklist. New material
  • This Week’s Action Plan. New material




    • Free Bonus Downloads
    • Algae as a Biodiesel Feedstock: A Feasibility Assessment

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #7 " Building a Garage Bioreactor" *BRAND NEW MATERIAL*garage algae bioreactor In this module you'll learn

  • Introduction New material
  • Design Notes New material
  • When to Use a Vertical PBR New material
  • Detailed Parts List New material
  • Fabricating the Bio Lights New material
  • Fabricating the Bio Cells New material
  • Air stone/Ball Valve Fabrication New material
  • The Air System New material
  • Action Checklist New material
  • This Week’s Action Plan. New material
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • Garage PBR shopping list
    • Garage PBR Parts List
    • Garage PBR Resource Lis

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #8 " Home Algae Harvesting" *BRAND NEW MATERIAL* In this module you'll learnharvesting algae

  • Low Cost Harvesting Techniques .
  • Algae harvesting with a Wine Press .
  • Larger Scale Algae Harvesting .
  • Electrolytic Foam Flotation for Harvesting Algae . New material
  • More Advanced Algae Harvesting Methods .
  • Drying Algae .
  • Algae Recipes . New material
  • Action Checklist New material
  • This Week’s Action Plan .
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • Algae Harvesting by Froth Floatation
    • Microalgae Harvesting and Processing

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™Module #9 " Home Based Oil extraction" *BRAND NEW MATERIAL* In this module you'll learnalgae oil extration

  • Introduction .
  • Overview of oil Extraction Methods .
  • Expellers or Continuous Screw Presses .
  • Choosing Your Oil Extraction Method .
  • Building a Home Made Algae Press .
  • Using a Hydraulic Car Jack
  • Creating an Oil Press from a Hydraulic Jack in Your Car.
  • Making a Hydraulic Press .
  • Inexpensive, Store-Bought Solutions.
  • "Off-The-Wall" Oil extraction
  • Algae Biodiesel Reading List
  • Action Checklist New material
  • This Week’s Action Plan . New material
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • Oil Seed Pressing
    • Oil Press Plans

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #10 " Home Based Biodiesel" New material In this module you'll learn

  • Why Make Biodiesel at Home?
  • What is Algae Biodiesel?
  • Biodiesel FAQ: 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions .
  • Biodiesel Advantages and Disadvantages .
  • Biodiesel Saety
  • A Visual Overview of the Biodiesel Recipe Process .
  • Making Your First Batch of Biodiesel
  • Making "Kitchen Biodiesel ."
  • Washing Biodiesel
  • How Much Biodiesel Will I Need to Produce? .
  • Biodiesel Production Process (An Illustrated Overview)
  • Buy a Biodiesel Processor or Build your Own? .
  • The Third Option: A Biodiesel Kit
  • Buying a Processor
  • Buying a Kit
  • Action Checklist New material
  • This Week’s Action Plan . New material
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • 90 liter biodiesel processor Build Manual
    • Biodiesel at home manual
    • Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #11 " Quality Testing and Trouble-Shooting Algae Biodiesel" In this module you'll learn Brand New material

  • Why Wash Biodiesel? . New material
  • How to Build a Wash Tank . New material
  • Bubble Washing Biodiesel. New material
  • Mist Washing Biodiesel. New material
  • Mix Washing Biodiesel. New material
  • “Dry Washing” with Magnesol. New material
  • Titration of Oils New material
  • Trouble Shooting: Emulsion Busting New material
  • Quality Testing Biodiesel. New material
  • Simple Wash Test. New material
  • Visual Inspection of Biodiesel. New material
  • Testing for Cold Weather Properties New material
  • Initial Feedstock Testing New material
  • Testing in a nutshell New material
  • ASTM Testing Explained New material
  • Action Checklist. New material
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • NREL Quality Testing Biodiesel
    • Qualitative tests for biodiesel

Making Algae Biofuels at Home.™ Module #12 " Home Based Bio gasoline" Brand New materialalgae ethanol In this module you'll learn Introduction .

  • What is Ethanol? New material
  • How Ethanol is Used . New material
  • Why Use Algae to Produce Ethanol? New material
  • Basic algae ethanol production . New material
  • Algae Based Ethanol Feed Stocks . New material
  • Where to obtain ethanol algae feedstock . New material
  • Growing Algae for Ethanol New material
  • Strain Selection . New material
  • Cultivation. New material
  • Open Ponds. New material
  • Closed Ponds . New material
  • Enclosed Photo bioreactors .
  • Building or Buying a Home Ethanol Still New material
  • Still Plans. New material
  • Still Kits . New material
  • Professionally Built Stills . New material
  • Action Checklist New material
  • Free Bonus Downloads
    • ATF Forms
    • Step by Step Ethanol" A quick guide on producing ethanol
    • Building a Home Alcohol Still

You Can Get It All…

  • Over 390 pages main book paperback
  • Full Color
  • Perfect bound edition.
  • 28 bonus eBooks in .pdf
  • 1045 pages of bonus materials
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Yes, I want my 390 page, and my 1045 pages of bonus material to learn how to Make Algae Biofuels at Home!

Worst Case Scenario?

Look, I know this is expensive to a lot of people. It's not a "cheap" product because we don't sell cheap products. We sell quality. So before deciding, consider this: The absolute worst that can happen to you by buying Making Algae Biofuels at home is you buy it, read it, use it for the next 30-60 days, however you like, and if you don't like it for any reason, if it isn't everything we have promised, if it isn't the color you like, we will return your money no questions asked. You have gotten to read and use the product for free and are out a little time.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I’m so sure you’ll be pleased with your results that I’m absolutely guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll cheerfully refund every penny – no questions asked!

Fair enough? Then…What are you waiting for?

Buy Now



(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Sunday!)

Best regards,

P.S. Don’t go broke paying for fuel! Buy now and you’ll never have to worry about fuel again.

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