If you're having problems with your download, or questions about your order, you're on the right page. First off, I know it's frustrating not having the downloads work the way they should. So let me thank you in advance for your patience. Please be assured I'll do everything I can to make sure you get your books.

Secondly,  If you have any problems with the download and/or opening the book, don't worry, don't get upset. You aren't being cheated, and this isn't a scam. Computers, humans, and the internet aren't perfect.

For Paperbacks and/or .pdf's:

If you have a problem opening the .pdf's that go along with select paperbacks, or you didn't receive your order or your confirmation, you can contact me here:  dsieg (at) making-biodiesel-books (dot) com

 Please try to include as much information as you can to help us diagnosis the problem quickly. The more I know in the beginning, the quicker I can help you. If not, then we have to play "20 Questions" until I find out.

For problems with opening the Ebooks or the anti-theft software :

Free Support Solutions

In the event you have ANY problem downloading or opening the product file you have purchased, please send an email providing as much details as possible to:

Our support team is standing by to provide you with prompt assistance.

You can also contact me personally at  anytime with comments, questions, criticisms, etc. dsieg (at) making-biodiesel-books (dot) com


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