5 Reasons Why Algae Biodiesel is Better Than Gasoline

There has been growing concerns over the rising cost of fuel in the last decade.  In the past few years we have seen how the world has scoured to find an alternative for the fossil based fuels to replace the depleting 5 Reasons Why Algae Biodiesel is Better Than Gasolinesource of these natural resources found deep within the earth. We look into various way how energy can be harnessed which would eliminate the dependence on foreign import of oil from faraway lands.  When much of our energy resource is placed on the hands of foreign bodies, this leaves us vulnerable to the threat of price manipulation due to political and economic interests

So how do we solve this problem, we have? It is easy. We need to look into a more reliable source of alternative energy that would reduce our dependence on those fossil based fuels.

Scientists have turned to various sources as a possible solution to end the dependence on fossil based energy. Among the most coveted and raved about sources for the production of biodiesel is the lowly algae. Algae into biodiesel have been creating waves of revolution around the work and the interest in these algae biodiesel technologies is growing daily. Let’s look at why algae are way better than gasoline.

Cost Effective

While this issue remains debatable, we all know how the world is bombarded with the issue of rising oil prices. As people search for more cost effective solution for our energy needs, the lowly algae seems to be the most viable choice.  It’s available for free if you care to cultivate it and it can expand very rapidly in mass.  Some algae species can double its mass within a day, making it perfect for daily harvest to be turned into biodiesel.

Less Pollution

When algae oil is burnt, the only emissions you get are mostly carbon dioxide.  There are very minimal of other gaseous if any at all.  It produces a much cleaner air to breathe for all of us to live in.

Cheaper Alternative

Yes, as soon as these algae to biodiesel is produced in massive quantities and the technology has reached the point where the maximum amount of fuel can be garnered from these microbes using less chemical extraction processes, the oil would be very cost efficient.

Renewable Source of Energy

Algae biodiesel is an excellent source of renewable energy.  Unlike those form fossil based fuels, algae biodiesel can be made as soonest the supplies are used up. They are easily created by expanding the algae colony and pressing them again for oil.

Green the Earth

Using algae biodiesel helps to green the earth. We know that algae does a great job of cleaning the air off carbon dioxide and turning it into food. It also cleans up wastage from humans and turns it into lipids or oil which can be used as fuel.

There are just a few reasons why algae biodiesel is better than gasoline.  Probably the best news is you can create algae biodiesel right in your own home.

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