Algae Biofuels For Professionals

We carry two different kinds of products, one aimed at home owners, and the other at algae biofuel professionals.

For Algae Biofuel Professionals

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Algae Biodiesel for Small Scale Producers


  • All aspects of algae ethanol explored
  • Market opportunities
  • Legal considerations

  • A complete overview of the many different opportunities available in algae.
  • Bio fuels
  • Heath foods
Coming Soon

$197 (Paperback)


$197 (Paperback)


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Other Algae biofuel/biotechnology Books currently in production:

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  • Algae Ethanol (Released)
  • Algae Biodiesel for Small Producers (Due out Spring 2012)
  • Algae for waste Treatment (Due out Summer 2012)
  • Algae to Bio Gas (Due out fall 2012)

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