Biofuels Books for Educators also offers our books to educators, schools, universities, and authorized commercial business trainers.

What you need to know upfront:

1) Discount Pricing and/or multiple Licenses:

  • Yes, we offer volume discounts starting at 10 copies.

2) Educational/Commercial Versions are different than home versions.

  • Home versions of the eBook come with anti-theft software. Educational/Commercial versions do not. They are straight .pdf’s with only the copy function disabled.

3) Evaluation Copies:

Yes, do offer evaluation copies at 50% of the retail price for schools and authorized businesses trainers.  I have no problem proving the quality of this material. The way this works is

  • You would contact me using the form below and let me know of your intent.
  • You would buy the home consumer versions of the books(s) using your school/business URL from this website.
  • I will refund half the purchase price.
  • Download to your HOME computer to evaluate. (Most schools IT systems will not allow .jar files)
  • If you decide not to use it, I’ll refund your money.
  • If you wish to buy multiple copies or volume licensing, we can discuss it more then.

Best Books For Educators

This books gives an entire overview of the products available from different algae, biofuels and bioproducts are covered extensively, and much, much more to establish a solid, in-depth grounding in algae biofuels as well as the many different co-products which can be produced from the left over biomass.  It includes a complete bibliography after each chapter, for further in depth analysis. It also has 8-9 bonuses reports coupled with the eBook that supports the material itself.  This is not a “how-to” manual. It is a reference manual and/or resource. It is a first rate, university quality, resource.

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making algase biofuels at home

For hands on teaching, for building, fabricating, and general nuts and bolts, “How To” to do this and get results,this is the book to use.

This book is strictly concerned with getting you the information you need, quickly and easily, to start getting results fast. It also covers both biodiesel, and bio ethanol from algae. It also includes a lot of material not found in the other books, such as titrating the oil, trouble-shooting biodiesel problems and emulsions as well washing and quality testing. This one has almost 28 bonus reports that go with it supporting the materials. This book contains the “best of the best” from all the books I publish.

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Designed for the bio fuel professional, this book is fully researched and up to date, including an extensive bibliography for further research. Most importantly it goes into the laws, biofuel research grants, tax incentives on both the state and federal level.

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