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Can Algae Biodiesel Really Benefit Mankind?

The subject has been a widely discussed topic among many environmentalists and conservationists in the hope of finding a way to reduce pollution and damage to the environment. We all want a greener, healthier world to live in.  And yet we have all fallen victim to the works of giant corporations who desire to have more profits at the expense of our delicate ecosystem. Fossil based fuels that are mined off the grounds deep beneath the surface of the Earth has created tremendous pollution in the air we breathe today. In the hope to create a better and more comfortable world, we have ended up with massive environmental damage which is caused by the burning of those fossil based fuels.

So how do we find a viable solution for this? Find an alternative energy source that is safer and more environmental friendly. The best solution at this point to end the world hunger for energy seems to be biodiesel.

How and where can biodiesel be created?

Biodiesel can be created from raw materials anywhere even right in you own home.  Yes, you can actually create your own fuel to use as energy without having to own an oil reserve to do it.  In fact, you can even use your own used cooking oil as the base material. This has created a relatively new industry where companies hunt for used cooking oils from restaurants and bakeries that uses deep fryer to cook. By buying up these used oil which would be discarded anyway, companies are making it to process biodiesel in large quantities which makes it a more cost effective way to produce these biodiesel.

The problem with used oil is these are not as easily used as those freshly squeezed oil. They need to be mixed and stored. Then you’ll need to dewater and filter it to remove the impurities. Finally it needs to be titrated before it can be processed into biodiesel.  Therefore if you are thinking about using used oil to create your own home based biodiesel, consider going for fresh sources if you are new to this.

So what do you do if you are looking for a more cost effective way to produce biodiesel right at your own home without having to purchase expensive oils to do it?  Try algae. Yes algae to biodiesel are the perfect solution to create your own home based biodiesel.

Algae to biodiesel is an amazing concept considering the ease of cultivation and the low cost of getting those algae. Algae is very easy to grow and can exist in places where there is only water sunlight and carbon dioxide.  If you don’t have a pond in your home, you can invest in those canvas style tanks that would let you cultivate your own algae to harvest every day. What you need is the right fools and the correct manual to help you create your own biodiesel from algae.

Thailand to Build 2M Algae Biofuels Pilot Plant

Loxley Plc is spending 60 million ($1.89 Million dollars) baht to build a pilot plant for algae-based biofuel, possibly in Ratchaburi province.

Although algae-based biofuel costs 30% higher to make than palm oil-based fuel, the cost will likely drop in the future. The plant will start full operation next year and if business becomes viable, a commercial-production plant may be built within 2014 with a total investment cost of about one billion baht.

Loxley targets daily algae production at 90 tonnes per day, which will translate into 10 tonnes of biofuel a day. Full text here: