Getting to Know Algae Biodiesel

Algae biodiesel is normally processed from a type of algae that are found growing on the surface of ponds. Popularly known as the pond scum, these types of algae species is the most sought after to be used in making biodiesel from algae. These forms of algae to biodiesel fuel are highly viscous but nevertheless they would depend on the type of the algae being used to create the biodiesel fuel. The best thing about these forms of fuel is they are a marvelous form of renewable energy and does not produce and known toxic or harmful emissions that can harm the environment.

Algae biodiesel is created by a process referred to as transesterification. Basically it is a process that transforms vegetable and plant oils into biodiesel. Making algae biodiesel involves a chemical reaction between triglyceride molecules with complex fatty acids, getting rid of the glycerin and produces ester form alcohol. Now the ester is mixed with the oil pressed form these plant sources and left to settle. Once the glycerin is separated for the mix, you will have the biodiesel floating at the top of this mixture.

So What’s Stopping People from Using Algae as Biodiesel?

To make biodiesel from algae, one would need to have the right know-how plus the correct tools to do it right. Making algae from biodiesel isn’t as simple as getting juice out of oranges but it is not that complicated either. With the right knowledge, it is believed that algae from biodiesel are possible right out of your own home. Getting the strains of algae for biodiesel production is another challenge to conquer.  Additionally, it is very easy for other forms of algae to invade the space that is used for the cultivation of the algae for biodiesel is another factor to consider.

Considering the limited amount of land to use for cultivating enough algae for biodiesel production, scientists are looking at ways to utilize the open seas to cultivate algae biodiesel plant to be used in the production of biodiesel from algae.

Algae Biodiesel Research

There are plenty of research done and currently under progress for algae biodiesel. Scientists all over the world are actively conducting tests upon tests of the feasibility of using algae as biodiesel to replace the petroleum or gasoline in the near future. Similarly the cultivation of algae for biodiesel is growing sat an encouraging pace, propelled by the escalating cost of gasoline prices all over the world. Private companies too are quick to jump onto this opportunity and searching for the best and lowest possible cost of turning algae into biodiesel.

If you are enterprising and adventurous there are special DIY kits or instructional guides that could help you create your own algae biodiesel right in your own home. The best thing is you don’t have to invest in expensive biodiesel equipments to get it done right.  Just some simple stuff you can get from the local stores plus equipments that may already be present in your home, you can turn your own kitchen into a biodiesel DIY haven!

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