Biodiesel from Algae: Can Algae Save the Day?

Biodiesel from Algae may be a group of slimy, unattractive inhabitants of ponds, pools and sewage areas but do you know that these aquatic plants can be harvested and turned into fuel for mankind?  Specifically, Biodiesel from Algaethese plants can be used as an important element in the creation of biodiesel?  Yes, there are many researches being done now to explore the possibility of turning algae into biodiesel to replace the old depleting sources of petroleum based fuels. The rising cost of gasoline has added to the enthusiasm to find a more and natural alternative of energy. Men has been relying too much on gasoline based energy in the last millennium that the natural sources found beneath the surface of the earth is fast depleting.  In fact scientist estimate that it takes less than one hundred years from now for those sources to dried up totally.

These aquatic plants are either simple unicellular or multicellular eukaryotes that are classified a aquatic pants even though they lack the necessary features present in most plants today. They dolts have leaves, roots or branches but they do posses the one important element that is exclusive to the plant kingdom-the ability to produce its own food through the process of photosynthesis.

Therefore algae play a very important role in the ecosystem of the food chain. These tiny aquatic plants serve as food for small fish and marine life and other microorganisms living in the aquatic areas. Perhaps you may be aware how the spirulina algae are used as a sensational health food product back in the late 1990’s.  These are spiral like algae that are harvested from the wilderness and cultivated in ponds across the world, due to its high enzymes and mineral contents. The humble algae plays an important role I the history of mankind since ancient, times, they are harvested as food sources and in this decade, scientists are looking at algae as a possible solution to end the worldwide hunger for energy or gasoline based energy that is fast depleting from the Earth as the day progresses.

Today the algae is showing great promise of becoming an important element  to save the earth and end the worldwide phenomena of  depleting natural resources due to oil supplies drying up. Algae seem set to save the day again.  They are very easy to cultivate and need only water, sun light and carbon dioxide to grow and flourish.  Additionally, when algae are turned into biodiesel, it consumes carbon dioxide and thus helps to keep the air clean and healthy.

The challenges are there too.  Scientists are finding a way how algae into biodiesel can be done without incurring too much cost for the manufacturer.  Right now, the technology is at a point where mass production of algae is extremely costly. There has to be a way to finally reduce the multiple steps taken to turn these slimy creatures into usable fuel. Research is on its way and it is on a matter of time before the next breakthrough happens.

With all of this features and more, it seems that the good old algae is set to be the next sensation to sweep the world when the process of algae into biodiesel is finally optimized and all challenges that stand between mass algae biodiesel production is finally conquered.

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