Small Scale Algae Biofuel Videos

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]fmhyV4yumAU[/youtube]

This is a very interesting video from the Eastwood Christian School in Alabama. What they have here is a small/medium  scale algae biofuel processing facility, as a part of their school. They are using it both as a hands-on teaching tool as well as extracting useful and cost reducing biodiesel.

Thailand to Build 2M Algae Biofuels Pilot Plant

Loxley Plc is spending 60 million ($1.89 Million dollars) baht to build a pilot plant for algae-based biofuel, possibly in Ratchaburi province.

Although algae-based biofuel costs 30% higher to make than palm oil-based fuel, the cost will likely drop in the future. The plant will start full operation next year and if business becomes viable, a commercial-production plant may be built within 2014 with a total investment cost of about one billion baht.

Loxley targets daily algae production at 90 tonnes per day, which will translate into 10 tonnes of biofuel a day. Full text here:


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