(France) Successfully Runs Vehicle on Algae Biodiesel

Libourne—Fermentalg, a commercial biotechnology organization that are experts producing chemical products from microalgae, is going to be introducing a manufacturing design automobile devoid of unique modifications that will works off algae biodiesel on Friday 7 December.

The demonstration to the media is going to be performed at the launching of Fermentalg’s brand-new factories in Libourne attended by President of the Aquitaine Regional Council and Deputy for Gironde to the French National Assembly, Alain Rousset.

Fermentalg has recently profitably made its initial liters of biodiesel.

The 3rd generation biofuel is in accordance with European Standard EN 142141 allowing its retailing in France, along with French federal government standard B72 meaning it is suitable for various other vehicles presently in supply and isn’t controlled by any kind of prohibitions.

Conformity with such specifications was confirmed by a Cofrac3-accredited petrol examination research laboratory.

The initial testing on Fermentalg’s biodiesel have been performed after November utilizing a French manufacture utility vehicle in the presence of a bailiff.

Microalgae-based biofuels may be an exceptionally encouraging 3rd generation answer that provide extremely high yields of lipids, have minimal implications for the natural environment and put virtually no burden on the food market.

In reality, microalgae selectively bred utilizing Fermentalg engineering feed off by-products from the food or chemical industrial sectors.

Generating these types of biofuels does not only lower the petrol expenses, but additionally decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

As stated by Pierre Calleja, founder and Chairman and CEO of Fermentalg: “Fermentalg has once again earned its place as a leader in the production of chemical compounds from microalgae and as a pioneer in Europe in the production of algae biofuels.

“The resounding success of our first steps in biodiesel confirms the enormous potential of microalgae in the production of 3rd generation biofuels.”

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