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Answers to your questions about national security, energy independence, and military biofuels.

An excellent article at giving a 30,000 foot view of the (US) military’s thinking on biofuels and an explanation of the sometimes tortured logic it uses. Worth reading.

“The Navy has a plan to buy military biofuels, starting in 2016, at a price that is cost-competitive with conventional fuel. Since this is new technology, they know that someone is going to have to build out a commercial scale refinery that can generate the economies of scale, and will need four years for design, permitting, construction and commissioning.”

Read the full article here:

Perception vs reality: The 8 most common biofuels myths

What are the most-told myths for biofuels, and what does science actually tell us? The Digest separates the fact from the fiction.

The Biofuels Digest had an excellent article today on the most common myths found in biofuels. From the “food vs. fuel” debate to algae biofuels. It seems a lot of people, politicians, and special interest groups especially, have a hard time separating fact from fantasy. This article does a great job of answering the question. Read the full article here.

Thailand to Build 2M Algae Biofuels Pilot Plant

Loxley Plc is spending 60 million ($1.89 Million dollars) baht to build a pilot plant for algae-based biofuel, possibly in Ratchaburi province.

Although algae-based biofuel costs 30% higher to make than palm oil-based fuel, the cost will likely drop in the future. The plant will start full operation next year and if business becomes viable, a commercial-production plant may be built within 2014 with a total investment cost of about one billion baht.

Loxley targets daily algae production at 90 tonnes per day, which will translate into 10 tonnes of biofuel a day. Full text here: