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Peak Oil: Part II

peak oil: Part IIOr maybe I should call this “Peak Oil Propaganda”

In a “textbook” example of Peak Oil misdirection one gets the feeling they want us to  look in the wrong direction when it comes to energy, the Energy monopolies’ are really outdoing themselves. Biofuels Digest had an interesting article today.

In an article asking “When Will We Be Energy Independent?” they had this to say…

“The United States is beginning a domestic energy boom and could become a net energy exporter within the next two decades.”

So, in other words, let’s not expect the price of energy to come down for the next 20 years. You know, until we become a “Net Energy Exporter.” We just don’t have enough energy supply in the US to keep up with demand.


Wait a minute. By the Dept. Of Energy’s own charts, (last week) we have been a “net energy exporter” since 2008. But the prices haven’t come down. In fact, they have risen. Strange also, how the oil companies have been able to post record breaking profits for those same years. So either they haven’t bothered checking their own supplies, or their facts and figures come from fantasy-land.

They are completely whistling their own tune, with no fact-checking by anyone on the part of the media or government, and hoping no one notices. Do they really think we are that stupid?

What this article is also saying, reading between the lines, is that we (oil companies) won’t let renewables be competitive with petroleum for another 20 years, if then.

The mainstream media noticed this in 2011. In this article, according to USA Today, dated 2011, OUR TOP EXPORT was gasoline.

NEW YORK (AP) – For the first time, the top export of the United States, the world’s biggest gas guzzler, is — wait for it — fuel.

Measured in dollars, the nation is on pace this year to ship more gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel than any other single export, according to U.S. Census data going back to 1990. It will also be the first year in more than 60 that America has been a net exporter of these fuels.

Did you read that? MORE THAN ANY OTHER SINGLE EXPORT. Back in 2011 our TOP export was gasoline and fuel. Either we, as a nation, are a net exporter, or a net importer of oil. I didn’t realize (stupid me) that we could be BOTH at the same time. The same as I didn’t realize we could have a shortage of oil, and a glut of oil at the same time either.

Both of which, conveniently, (For oil companies) lead to rise in oil prices. Both of which throw the laws of supply and demand completely out the window. So either we’ll be a net energy exporter in 20 years, or we WERE a net energy exporter 2-3 years ago.

So which is it?

Now watch me as I pull a rabbit out of my hat. Just look over there…

Isn’t it about time someone told the truth, for a change?

PS…Keep in mind, I’m talking about the USA. But the oil companies are multi nationals. It applies to every single gallon of gasoline or fuel sold anywhere in the world. In Europe and Australia, prices are over $10/gallon and peak oil effects every other single aspect of our lives. From food production to health care. It is beyond obscene.

What Happened to “Peak Oil?”

peak oilThere hasn’t been much in the news lately about Algae biofuels. A couple of stories here and there but nothing really noteworthy. Instead, this week, it is more “commentary.”

Has any one but me noticed the blatant price fixing and market manipulation of fuel prices in the US lately? Didn’t they use to have anti-trust laws in this country to prevent that very thing?

Let’s zip back in time to 2007-2008. The real estate bubble burst and the housing market collapsed. This led to serious damage to the US (and world) economy.

At roughly the same time, we learn of that old villain “Peak Oil.” We’re running out of oil and doom and gloom is everywhere.

And the world goes nuts. Lions, tigers, and bears!

Gasoline prices shot up from $2 per gallon to $5 per gallon overnight, in many cases, much more. Not only that we didn’t have enough gasoline from domestic production to serve the needs of this country and we have to start importing gas. In short we went from an exporter of gasoline to an importer overnight.

Don’t believe me? Look at this chart from the US Energy Administration. September of 2007 we have the lowest gasoline exports in about 15 years. From that point on, the gasoline exports start a steep upward climb. In other words, not only did we have enough for domestic consumption, but we had a glut,and needed to export it to maintain the trade balance.

Now look at this chart. The average price of gas was $2.84 per gallon in 2007.  In 2012 the average price was $3.68. Almost a dollar a gallon increase in the price of gasoline.. And we all know of various location where gasoline hit $4-$5 per gallon. Even higher in some parts of the country. DURING THE SAME YEARS WE HAD A GLUT OF GASOLINE.

The Kansas City Star on June 17th. Reports  “The country as recently as 2008 was a net importer of 400,000 barrels of gasoline a day, more than 16 million gallons. That was enough to meet 4 percent of demand. But since then, imports have declined while exports climbed to a point that for the first three months of this year, the most recent period the information is available, it was a net exporter of gasoline.” The same with natural gas.

What happened to Peak Oil? Did it disappear? Where did  it go? Did someone hide it?

I find it interesting that just the moment that the world is running out of petroleum, we become a net exporter. I guess the Laws of Supply and Demand don’t apply to oil companies.

But here’s the biggest question of all: Why haven’t gasoline prices gone back down? When you have a glut of anything, prices should fall…not rise. Yet prices continue to rise.

I can’t come up with too many answers to that question except “Price-Fixing” and “Market Manipulation.”

So once again, (Remember he “Arab Oil Embargo” of the 1970’s?)  It appears the oil companies artificially created a shortage, when, in reality,  they had a glut, in order to drive the prices up…and keep them there.

I think they may have created a monster this time they won’t be able to control. Algae biofuels is taking off, whether they like it or not. The global market outlook just recently reached 1 billion. Algae is on it’s way to prime time. This will introduce 100’s, if not 1000’s of new players into the marketplace. Once algae biofuels and bio products become mainstream, the next logical step is localized production. If localized production becomes a fact, there will be very little need for multinational oil companies. They no longer will be able to collude together to create artificial shortages and manipulate the market.

It would only be fitting that the “Peak Oil” phantom they created, ends up devouring them.

Comments please.