List of Algae Biofuels Books and Products

Below you’ll find a complete list of books and products this website offers. This list is by no means complete as we undertake various algae related projects from time to time. But this website was getting so big we needed an “at a glance” page for finding everything. You can also get free samples of all the books on the pages specified.

The books are basically divided up in 2 sections…one for home owners, one for bio fuel professionals. The needs of the two are different and the books are not the same in content or style.

For home owners: It is written simply, and easily, with graphics pointing the way and a minimum of confusing jargon, or concepts.

For Professionals: Is written for professionals and educators. They contains exhaustive bibliographies for further study, and is written textbook style. It assumes serious study on the part of the reader and that they are looking for “managerial” information. These are reference books and the best in their class, anywhere.

For Non-professionals and Home Owners

Making Algae Biodiesel at Home


The global bestseller and classic that all other algae books are judged by. People all over the world have used this book to make their own algae based biodiesel. This book is available in digital and paperback editions.

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This is an expanded version of Making Algae Biodiesel at Home. It covers making Ethanol as well as Biodiesel. In other words, bioFUELS. This book contains the best of my material from ALL the home owner’s books. It is truly, the best value for the money. Personally, I think this is the best book of them all for the home owner.  This book is available in digital and paperback editions.

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The only book of it’s kind available anywhere. This book is concerned with making algae bioreactors (PBR’s) from easily available and off the shelf parts found at home improvement stores or off the internet. This book is only available in digital edition.

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home energy made easyHome Energy Made Easy is all about reducing your energy usage so the alternative energy strategies you choose will work. What most books don’t explain is that home energy conservation must take place before solar and/or wind strategies will even work. Or you’ll have to pay through the nose for an oversized system.  In this book we show you how to

  • Get the government to pay for your systems
  • Get solar panels for free
  • Build wind turbines cheaply
  • Get all the glass you need for free
  • Get deep cell batteries for free
  • And much, much, more. Get the details here:




Discounted Collections

Yes, we offer discounted volume purchases. At last calculation, almost 68% of our customers come back and bought more books. You can get the collections, with price discounts, on various books on this page.

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Algae Biofuel Books for Professionals and Educators

The books below are specifically created for algae biofuel professionals and/or educators. They are more difficult to read by nature, but they contain more precise and detailed explanations of the various processes involved. They are fully research and have extensive bibliographies. These books are used as reference and textbooks. This is the most up to date info available for  on the subject.


Algae For Entrepreneurs covers every aspect of how to profit from algae. From bio fuels to health food supplements, from organic fertilizer to animal feed, this book covers it all. Fully researched and documented, this is the best book of it’s class available anywhere. This book is available in digital and paperback editions.

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Algae For Ethanol covers all aspects of ethanol production from algae, and much more. It looks into the legal aspects of biofuel production as well as how to take advantage of various grants, tax incentives, and how the (US) government can help you. It deals with the commercial side of ethanol production as well as the challenges which must be faced to be successful. This book is available in digital and paperback editions.

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Building Open Ponds is about, you guessed it, building small and large scale commercial open ponds. This book is also the only book I’m aware of, that deals specifically with this subject. This book has benefited home owners and professionals alike. This book is only available in digital edition.

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Algae Biofuel Books for Educators

We have a lot of interest in our books from educators. Currently over 70 schools and colleges use our material. We offer a number of services for educators, and business training solutions.

Customized Textbooks


We can take any of our books, and customize them to your school or business. We can brand them with your school or business pictures, or logos. We can arrange them in ways that fit your course, add lesson plans, quizes and tests. We can supply teacher’s editions as well as student work books. We can supply them in digital and/or paperback form at discount rates. All institutional digital books are straight Adobe PDF’s with no consumer anti-theft software.

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Teaching PowerPoint Presentations

We also offer custom designed teaching PowerPoint presentations to schools and businesses. These are custom designed to your school or business. You can choose to have silent and/or voice over presentations depending on your teaching style. You can get full details here.

Professional Videos

We can also produce professional quality videos for teaching and/or business presentations. All videos are custom designed to your school or business. They can include sound tracks, voice overs, they can be shot on location using your facilities as the background. You can get full details here.

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