Algae to Biodiesel

We live in a world where there is a big deficit between the needs and the existing supply of fossil based fuels. It seems that the human race has an insatiable desire for energy and depends too heavily on petroleum Algae to Biodieselbased fuels. The problem is, these fossil based fuels are quickly depleting and we are in for some hard times ahead if we don’t find another alternative to replace the natural resources we have ferociously mined during the last few decade.

The biodiesel industry has been steadily expanding the past few years. Much of this growth has been attributed to the unstable foreign supply, plus the possible linkage of the countries of production to the rising acts of terrorism worldwide. Escalating oil prices and the emission of harmful gaseous substances create the need for a safer and more reliable source of renewable energy has been growing at an even more alarming rate than before.

There are plenty of plants that are used as biodiesel materials right now which are causing another state of alarm among those in food industry-the possibility of rising high food prices due to the increasing demand form the biodiesel industry for raw materials. This would cause suffering for people from poor countries to starve from lack of food supply or lack of nutrients from having to go for food that are affordable but contains less nutrition.

So where do we turn to for a great source of biodiesel energy? What about the lowly algae?  They are rich in natural oil and possess the ability to grow in places where food crops won’t grow at all due to weather constraint and lack of resources.

Advantages of Algae to Biofuel

Algae to biodiesel has been widely discusses among expert in the petroleum industry and conservationist who are looking for a more reliable and safer source of energy that is both renewable and easy to attain.  Algae Biofuel or fuels that are created from plant sources helps keep the environment clean from harmful emissions as opposed for the burning of fossil as fuels that can seriously harm the environment.

Aside from keeping the Earth clean and free form pollution, these biodiesel fuels help to utilize a resource that is available in abundance just waiting to be harnessed and exploited.  It takes away the dependence on foreign imports of fossil fuels which are fast depleting.  Until the Earth is ready for a more natural source of endless energy such as wind, solar and hydro energy, algae seems to be a very viable alternative.

While there is nothing we can do to stop those big oil companies from importing foreign oil, there is a proactive move you can take to help alleviate this problem. You can start with your own biodiesel production right at home.  In fact, the best source of raw material for biodiesel would be the lowly algae colony as these are extremely easy to grow and some can even double their mass within 24 hours!


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